“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”

Lou Holtz

When I was young (well, younger than I am today), I rolled my eyes at the idea of mid-life reflection. Yet here I am in my early 50s, and I’m looking critically at my life, and my imprint here on this earth.

So I’m blogging about it, mainly because I like to write. After spending over a decade working with numbers, about a year ago I began to feel that I lost my words – I worked with numbers all day in a very controlled environment where creativity was discouraged. That was just one symptom of being in the wrong place, so last summer I changed jobs and moved away from an environment that was simply oppressive.

Through the process of changing jobs, I realized that I had let my brain go on hiatus for about a decade. I’d stopped pushing myself in pretty much every aspect of my life … I had gained weight, stopped reading, and lost my sense of wonder, adventure, curiosity, and joy. I was content. I had settled. In talking to other women (and a few men), I discovered that many of us are in the same place, and some of us are approaching the second half of life with a different perspective. I suppose I could write a journal, but I crave interaction with others – with more substance than 140 characters or a status update allows. By writing a blog, I hope that any readers who wander by will be interested and entertained enough to follow or subscribe, and join in a dialogue.

One of the challenges of blogging is setting a focus – which for the time being is a pretty broad subject, being “what brings me joy.” Right now, I’d be pretty damned joyous if I could drop 30 pounds. But this isn’t a weight-loss blog, instead I expect to focus on improving and enjoying my life. For me, enjoyment comes from creating things (food, cocktails, gardens), seeing things (traveling, photography), improving things, improving me, my cats (yes, another cat lady), and maybe even some football if the Atlanta Falcons can get-it-together in 2015.

Ultimately, in a year I want to look back and see a chronicle of a year’s worth of growth and joy, and if I’m at all interesting, a community of friends who will introduce new ideas and push all of us in the right direction.


13 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me

  1. I’m near ATL too! This is a great post. Sounds like you know exactly what you’re looking for. I’m a grandmother too. In fact, I’m on a weight loss journey now. I did the same thing. It’s great you got a new, better job.


  2. This is a very good post. It certainly peaked my interest. I am older than you and planning to retire before too long but it seems that at all ages we are looking for meaning and direction. My daughter lived in Atlanta for a couple of years and I finally visited her there last April. Wish I had done it sooner.


  3. Next year I will be 60. I find it hard to believe and wonder where the time flew. I look forward to the journey for the next 60 …ok maybe 40! I will enjoy reading your blog and see what interesting things you are up to. Oh, I as well need to lose a couple pounds//like maybe 30. Working on it as always. Eating healthy, exercising by doing fun things and of course as per my blog trying to have a more natural lifestyle


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