Each Wednesday, as part of the #reblogwednesday event, I’ll reblog something that I found interesting, compelling or fun.

Today’s blog comes from Vernette Out Loud. And taking her advice I am going to MARCH FORTH!

A great reminder that our new day/new habit can start right this minute. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow, next Monday or January 1st. Thank you for the push, Vernette!


march forth andToday is March 4th!

By now for most of us the year has lost that brand new shine.

Those goals, dreams, intentions that you would have started 2015 with may have hit a snag, you’re no longer as excited about them or you may have abandoned them completely.

I’m here to tell you that you can use today as a new start.

I can hear you now…who starts anything on a Wednesday?? Far less on the 4th day of a new month or even the third month in the year?

Does it really matter when you start? Or only that you do?


TODAY…the day itself is a call to action.


What desire, goal, dream or intention requires action?

What area of your life demands that you march forth? That you proceed fearlessly on?

What do you need a little extra push

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3 thoughts on “March Forth

  1. I really am happy that my post resonated with you. I have been struggling myself to keep on track with my intentions and desires for 2015 and wrote it as much for myself as I did for others.

    p.s. I love your tagline: Stumbling but never falling. There is so much hope in that one statement.


    1. Thank you!

      Funny you should mention “intentions.” In December I bought a beautiful new white leather notebook, and on the cover it reads, “Live Every Day with Intention” and I use it to write down my goals. There are too many empty pages 🙂

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