Daylight Saving Time started today in most of North America, so apparently Spring is not too far behind.

Yesterday I went for my usual Saturday morning run/walk. It was a truly beautiful morning with clear blue skies and a chill in the air (about 38F, 3C). There’s a true gem in the middle of Atlanta with running/ walking/ biking pathways along the Chattahoochee River.  In spite of the gorgeous day, the paths were really quiet because it’s just too cold for a lot of the Southerners. My Canadian blood loves the cold mornings. I laugh in the face of freezing weather!



I stopped and took a few pictures along the way as this is a special part of the world to me. On the particular path I use, at the south end you can see high rises and cars flashing by on a massively busy highway. On the north end there are a few apartments and miles of brick McMansions and private golf courses. But once you get about a  quarter of a mile down the path you’re in the country. Just before Christmas I was treated to a doe and her two babies grazing beside the path.


The park is pretty barren right now, but with a couple of days of sun and the rain that is forecasted for this week the leaves of the smaller shrubs will be covered with a soft green velvet. Then the red will appear on the tips of the Maples, followed by the glow of spring green on each and every tree. I give it about two weeks. I have crocuses blooming in my garden, and the grape hyacinths are about to pop.

One of my goals for the weekend was to get out and enjoy this part of Atlanta. I’m not really much of a runner, I use a run/walk method (thank you, Jeff Galloway!), however even when I trudge along at my 12-minute mile pace, I feel more free and centered mentally and emotionally than at any other time in my week. There’s something about being out there is the ‘big’ world, my mind only thinking of the next step, that always makes me feel at peace. I’m really grateful we have this place to enjoy.

thSo check one box for this weekend.
Don’t ask me about the others!

Chattahoochee River




One thought on “My path along the Chattahoochee

  1. I think it is always terrific when there is a beautiful wilderness or nature area within a large city. I spent a week or so in Atlanta 11 months ago. Atlanta is a beautiful city. At least the parts I saw were terrific.


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