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Each week I’ll post thoughts, observations and ideas that don’t warrant a full post. 


My niece’s husband suffered a seizure the other evening and fell badly. He was in hospital for several days, but thankfully went home tonight. There are a lot of things we’re grateful for: First, my niece was supposed to be on the highway, three hundred miles away, but turned around at the last minute and was there with him. Second, she is a paramedic (actually, they both are) and was able to soothe and stabilize him. Third, this didn’t happen when he was on a ladder or scaffolding (they’re building a home and he is handling a lot of the work). Apparently there’s no long term damage, but I think we will all be on tenterhooks for awhile.

A coworker’s small daughter also suffered a seizure this week and will have brain surgery next week. Lots of prayers going around in my world this week.

And I am really praying that the old adage, “bad things come in threes” does not prove to be true.

Cuteness for the Week


It’s Spring, and there’s nothing as cute as baby lambs springing through the grass. (‘Spring Lamb’ by Cliff Donaldson, Northern Ireland.  Courtesy IFAJ)

MARCH Madness

How exciting is March Madness! I’m so looking forward to accomplishing a lot this weekend because my tv will be off. Give me a little Stanley Cup action, and then let football season begin!



I got my March Birchbox the other day. I don’t use a lot of the products (surprisingly, purple lip stain just doesn’t do it for me), but for just $10 a month, it’s like having a little Christmas gift arrive in the mailbox every few weeks. Last month I got a bunch of stuff that was super exotic and imported all the way from Canada. If I had known that I could buy travel sized stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart and sell it at a premium here, I would be a very wealthy woman by now.

I do love the little boxes, and apparently others do, too. Someone has written an entire blog post on how to repurpose the boxes. Of course, you need about a year’s worth to do anything helpful. I don’t know if I’ll stay interested that long.

The Weekend

This week I was extremely busy, both at work and in the evening. I know they say busy people accomplish more, but honestly I’m feeling really ripped off because the week has gone and I didn’t get to do anything I wanted to do. I worked through lunch every day, and late three evenings. I didn’t get to work out, partially because of that pesky ankle injury from last Sunday, but also because there just wasn’t time. I didn’t get enough sleep, and don’t even ask me about the state of my house. By this afternoon I was seriously pissed off that I still had a pile of work and 90+ new emails. So I left early and went to the gym.

Now it’s Friday night and I’m feeling stressed because I have so much to do, not just around the house, but it also just hit me that I have to do our taxes. Last year it took me a total of about 15 hours. At what point do you just throw up your hands and hand that file of papers and a big check over to a CPA?



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