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A travel week, so various and sundry comments relating to that.


 The only time I watch an entire movie is when I’m on trans-continental or trans-Atlantic flight. Last evening, I finally watched Jersey Boys, and I loved it. I’ve been a fan of musicals since I saw my very first movie (Mary Poppins), and I do tend to sing to the cats (they actually enjoy my spontaneous arias, I can tell). If I had just one more vodka and cranberry I may well have burst out into song.

First Class

So G travels constantly – he has Gold status on Delta airlines, which means he occasionally is upgraded to First Class. Let me just state here and now that he is the best husband in the world because he gave me his First Class seat for the flight back from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Four hours. Don’t know how I got so lucky.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger Single & Double Double

Several of my friends travel to California frequently and they ALWAYS post a picture from In-N-Out Burger. So we had to eat there – twice. Good burger (mine is the single without cheese), especially the buttered, grilled buns. Fries are excellent.  I think I-N-O is the west coast equivalent of Georgia’s own Chick-fil-A. Really clean, happy employees, family environment. It’s an interesting tale of commerce – they won’t franchise and apparently pay their employees very well. It certainly is popular with cars lined up for two blocks at lunch on Friday.  I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to have one of their burgers again, but am glad I finally caught up with the cool kids.



As much as I always think I’m going to maintain a heathly diet when we travel, it’s fruitless (and yes, it was actually fruitless – unless you count the berries in my cocktails).



Our Costco has about 10 checkout lanes and 3 self-check lanes. If you have 24 items in your basket, why would you not let one of the SUPER fast professional checkers ring you up? I mean, it’s going to take you at least three tries to ring up the package of 72 rolls of toilet paper, then you’ll need assistance for all those bottles of wine, not to mention the times when you’re told to ‘remove everything from the belt’.

(G just came in to tell me that all of this aligns with Little’s Law … so apparently greater minds than I have already figured this out 😉 )
Costco Self Checkout

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