Second tax reblog for this #reblogWednesday.

This is me! Last minute tax filer! I’m hoping to beat last year’s 15-hour marathon and get our taxes completed and filed by tomorrow night. I have fun things planned for the weekend, and Turbo Tax does not figure into any of them.

Atlanta Shopping with Nedra Rhone

Oops! You did it again — waited until the last minute to get your taxes done. According to the IRS, last year up to 25 percent of Americans waited until the last two weeks before April 15 to file their taxes. If you are one of those people, fear not. Tax experts from TurboTax and TaxACT are here to offer some tips for last-minute filers:

Organize your documents. Before sitting down to prepare your taxes, organize your tax forms by category, says Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA and blog editor with TurboTax. Put anything related to income (W-2, Form 1099) together and next receipts for expenses such as mortgage interest (Form 1098), property taxes, DMV documents, charitable contribution receipts, and business expenses. If you purchased health insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace, be sure you have your Form 1095-A.

Decide how you will file. Procrastinators may do best using DIY…

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