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Each week I’ll post some random thoughts, ideas, observations that don’t warrant a full blog post.


I’m so busy at work that I haven’t had even two minutes to take a break for lunch all week, but today I swore I would either go to the gym or at least walk at lunch. The gym bag is at my feet but I can’t stand the thought of walking the block to the gym, then changing, then getting on a treadmill. Blech. Negotiated with myself and decided to walk, although the skies are threatening to rain. My shoes are on, but I would rather write my blog. Must exercise … now.

Am I the only one who does this?

In the News

(Remember this on Saturday mornings?)

Lots of big news out of Atlanta this week.

Case #1: Eleven school administrators and teachers convicted of racketeering for changing answers on tests so they could collect a bonus, and students would be passed to the next grade, although the poor kids couldn’t read.

Case #2: A young man killed in a car accident running from police after he had burgled a home and shot at the elderly homeowner. Two years ago this same young man was the subject of massive media coverage after a local hospital turned him down for a heart transplant because they were concerned about his compliance with the required post-surgery protocol. (The hospital did reverse their position and he received a heart transplant just under two years ago.)

It always makes me sad to see my place of residence or home town featured in salacious rags like the Daily Mail. Both of these stories wound up with large headlines and thousands of comments, many of which were woefully ignorant of any of the facts. We’ve all got opinions, but most of the time they are better left unwritten.

Real Simple


A couple of years ago I wound up with about 15 magazine subscriptions because I had a few American Airlines miles left to spend and no other way to burn them. Most of the subscriptions have fallen by the wayside but I’ve continued to receive Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living. Yes, I know Martha can be a bit annoying, but the magazine does showcase beautiful gardens plus some really cool recipes and crafts that I will never master. (BTW – if you haven’t checked out CraftFail, now is the time.)

Real Simple wasn’t what I expected – it actually has some wonderful tips and tricks. Each month when I read it I’m inspired to do things more simply, and for a moment I consider clearing out all the crap out from under my kitchen sink and cleaning with only three perfect white cotton cloths, white vinegar and baking soda. (It has never happened, by the way.)

The other day I got a Real Simple email with a link to “17 Life Skills Every Woman Must Master”. I’ll let you read it yourself through this link.

Let’s face it, these are all things that every woman AND man should master. How many men know how to wield an electric drill? Not too many, I’d bet. Maybe a few who have watched a lot of horror movies or are hooked on HGTV.

If-you-can-fold-a-fitted-sheetI know how to do all of these things, except for number 9 … the dreaded folding of the fitted sheet. Just two weeks ago I took my iPad into the laundry room and watched the Martha Stewart You Tube video over and over while I tried to fold that damn sheet so it is all crisp and flat. This weekend I’ll watch the Real Simple video and see if they make it any … simpler.
Oh, and by the way, the easiest way to fix a hem is to use that fashion tape that is designed to keep the placket on button down shirts closed. Works like a charm and even stays on during washing.


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