Seems like most companies encourage their people to stay healthy and participate in some sort of physical activity. I’m not generally a cynical person, so choose to believe that they encourage a culture of wellness because they want me to have rosy cheeks and fit into my smaller pants. G’s photo is in the dictionary beside the word, “cynic” so believes the goal is to limit sick days and keep health care costs down.

The company I work for provides super nice fitness facilities in all of the main headquarters buildings – for free. In August my department moves to a brand new building on the company’s main campus and the gym there is off the charts – high ceilings, walls of windows bathing the main gym in natural light, a gym just for Crossfit, a gym just for spinning, a huge aerobics studio with classes, every machine you can imagine, and towel service. In spite of the fantastic facilities right in the building, they still have to entice people to workout so they offer fitness challenges with prizes. I love fitness challenges because most of the time they involve merely showing up and doing – you don’t have to be the fastest or the strongest or the fittest – you just have to actually complete the challenge. These types of challenge usually have an attrition rate of about 50 to 60%, so the person who hangs in longest gets the t-shirt and cheque. And that’s often moi.

Our organized challenge is a 12-week FitTrip. After signing on (and paying my fee) I began with the humiliation of getting into a bathing suit and climbing into a massive metal tub of warm water for hydrostatic weighing (true measurement of fat and lean body mass). Every subsequent week there are physical challenges, plus we must complete a food and exercise journal. At the end of the 12 weeks they dunk you in the tank again and basically, the one who lost the most body fat and gained the most lean body mass wins.

I did SO well until I rolled my ankle when running in week 4, then I went off the rails. I’m still exercising (some), and journalling my food (most of the time), but haven’t submitted my food & exercise diary each Friday as we’re supposed to, so I lost a bunch of points there. Those were the bonus points that would push me over the edge to victory (!) when everyone else dropped out. You would think that the combination of paying money and putting on a bathing suit would be enough to motivate me, but it was not.

I’m not going to win this challenge. 

Granted, my pants are actually fitting a smidge better and I’ve lost about 3 pounds in 7 weeks. Ugh. My very pessimistic goal was 1 pound a week.

There are 5 weeks left and I am recommitting right this minute. Ultimately, the reason I did this was to lose weight.

That is the prize.


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