I’m feeling like a bit of a heathen tonight. Our Easter didn’t involve church, although every year I say, “let’s climb Stone Mountain for the sunrise service!” Never happens. I did, however, spend a few moments this morning watching the sun come up and thinking about how truly grateful I am for the sacrifices made for me.

This evening I am actually feeling rather accomplished. Last Sunday night I sat down at my desk and created goals for the week, and this week I actually accomplished several, including the two big ones:

  1. File the dreaded taxes and mail the cheque
  2. Big time garden work

There are so many articles, studies and books that suggest a strong correlation between simply writing down a goal and achieving it. G (who is rarely wrong) has talked about this for the last decade. When he was in his 30s and very focused, he wrote down his goals and he had the most job growth and satisfaction. Neither of us has been good about focusing on goals and have instead become really good at just skating through life – which doesn’t seem to propel you forward. You just go around and around and around that rink.

Many times I’ve cracked open a new note book and have written down a goal but then achieve nothing. I believe the difference this week was that I mindfully spent about 30 minutes thinking about what I needed to do this week, what I wanted to do this week, and what commitments were already on my plate. I wrote my goals in a beautiful white leather notebook inscribed with  “Live Every Day with Intention” in gold on the cover. Monday morning as I drank my early morning coffee, I transferred the goals to my reminders on my iPhone and set alerts.

All week I was mindful of what needed to be done, and even changed our regular weekend schedule just so I could accomplish the first goal. Friday night at 8:30 the taxes were completed and filed on-line, so I was able to sit back with a glass of wine and know that I had actually accomplished something for my weekend! Gardening was planned for today, so at 7:30 am I was out with a shovel and at 1:30 pm I got to step back and appreciate the fruits of my labour.

Completing a goal on Friday night was a big deal for me, and all weekend I felt good about myself. Instead of drinking wine and looking at my iPad, I successfully concluded a three evening task that would otherwise be hanging over me for the next two weeks. Hooray!

When I wrote the goals last week I also included a few larger, longer-time accomplishments. One is decluttering. This week I’m going to tackle the bathroom sinks … or rather the storage area under the sinks. I’ve got a serious makeup, skin care and hair do-dad habit and suspect there is stuff there from 2005.

IMG_4237We did have one little Easter acknowledgement. A few weeks ago I found some of my mom’s recipes, and one just seemed to scream out, “make me into a nest!”. Ten minutes of work, and a week’s worth of calories and cuteness.


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