Yes, I am a cat lady. I used to be a dog and cat lady, but we currently just share our home with three cats. One day we’ll add a dog back into the mix, but for now we are a feline friendly family. That said, one of our cats, the youngest, thinks she is a dog … She plays fetch and follows G around like a puppy.

 National Pet Day is today. Many holidays seem to be creations of the folks at Hallmark – such as Grandparents Day, Bosses Day, Sweetest Day – all designed to simply sell greeting cards. But who buys cards for pets? (In all honesty, I probably would. My cats send cards to their “grandmother” at every occasion). 

National Pet Day was devised to encourage people to adopt shelter pets, which is a great and noble idea. We are strong supporters of our local humane society. I know there are organizations out there whose goals are not altogether altruistic, but in many cases those who are proponents for animals have big and caring hearts. I’m always a bit suspicious of people who don’t care the least bit about animals. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be a pet owner, but to be unkind to animals says to me that you have a cold heart. Nothing breaks my heart more than cruelty to animals and children.

Anyway, we love our pets. And today I share our three rescue cats with you. They make our days more than a bit brighter

Do you have a pet in your life? How have they enriched your days?

If at any time you have space in your home or life, I hope you’ll visit your local shelter to adopt a new family member


The baby – thinks she is a dog


Best birthday present ever




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