Weekend 2 of the great house organization project using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. Saturday was rainy so I think that’s a sign from God that I’m meant to do this.

This weekend was harder.

  1. Last weekend’s 14 bags and 1 big box of give-aways sat in the spare room until late Saturday. We debated renting a van or truck to haul everything to Goodwill, but I finally got impatient so we ran it over in our cars. The stacks of bags slowed down progression – physically and mentally. Another reminder that clutter really does weigh you down – even when it’s clutter on the way out the door.
  2. Skipped the section on books as books are not my thing. I read ’em and pass ’em on. We have a lot of cookbooks, but they’re ‘common property’ so we will deal with them together later.
  3. Went through my craft closet Friday night and I did fill two paper boxes with items to send to my niece in Canada, but I need space to do the sorting and said space was filled with bags of clothes. Plus I’m wondering how much of this stuff she will actually enjoy. Will she want a box full of fabric? Should I instead hold onto the fabric for a sewing project. (NO – the answer is NO!)
  4. Discovered that a lot of the stuff in the crafts closet is in fact photo albums, which are not a priority.

Drawer JunkI then tackled the junk miscellaneous bedside table drawers. A partial inventory included: receipts, a cat food bowl, manicure tools, various loose pills and vitamins, dozens of Hello Kitty stickers (?), about 35 pens, charger cables, foot lotion, eye masks, pillow chocolates from a cruise 15 months ago, cat nip, buttons, matchbooks, odd slips of paper, and coins from about 5 countries.  I’m also not quite sure how to handle all of this ‘miscellaneous’ stuff. Can I look at a set of nail clippers and say it makes me joyous? In the end, I decided some of this stuff is necessary and I will be decidedly unjoyous if I don’t have it when I need it. How do you deal with this stuff?  

In the end, I just made things tidy for the time being. Nothing is in its permanent place yet.

The jewellery sort was anticlimactic. I have very little ‘real’ jewellery, mainly cheap costume stuff – you know, stuff that turns green and tends to smell after awhile (why is that?) so it was easy to toss. You can see that I had some excellent helpers.

Living with my new closet after one week

My goal was to be on time for work each morning and I came very close – when I was late it was because I had time to actually make myself breakfast and eat at home! No toast and peanut butter in the car 🙂 It was easy to get dressed – almost mindless. I know I’ll have to add some new pieces to my wardrobe but I’m planning to sew instead of buy. That’s really exciting to me. I can’t wait to have time and space to sew!

The clothes in drawers thing is brilliant. Everything is crease free and I feel more put together when I change into my ‘lounge’ clothes after work. When I put away laundry last night (Yes – I put away my laundry – there was space!) I just smoothed and folded so hopefully will not need to steam shirts before wearing.

I’m working on that empty your purse thing. When I cleared out the bedside table drawers I created space for the items from my purse.

This is definitely a great way to keep the purse in order and takes all of 2 minutes at night and again in the morning. I know what I’m carrying, and no longer have 15 tubes of lipstick. Plus this makes it easy to change purses daily – which is something I tend to do.

So this Monday, I don’t feel like I accomplished as much as I could have. I really and truly wanted to take a sick day last week to get more accomplished, but that seems like a waste of precious PTO. G is going away next weekend, so – fingers crossed – I’ll get a lot done.


5 thoughts on “Two steps forward, half a step back

  1. I’m sure those cats have been looking for that cat food bowm Janine! I’m going to have to read the first part of this I missed. Why is it so easy to acquire clutter? It just appears as if by magic! ~Elle

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  2. You got me interested in this, and I agree – that folding idea is the world’s best! Just love my new closet. But I keep coming up with any excuse in the book to avoid tackling the papers. Did you have an area that you balked at tidying?


    1. I’m having trouble with areas that contain little used items – like the dining room cabinets. Ultimately, most of those things bring a lot of joy. I think I’ve decided that if I can store & access items easily, they can stay.

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      1. I agree. When I can pick up a perfectly useless vacuum tube that was my father’s and feel a glow, I consider that a “spark of joy”. I think even an occasional spark counts!


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