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Random thoughts that don’t warrant a full post

I am consumed by thoughts of organizing the house and chucking unloved things onto the curb. But the rest of life does go on.

Face My Age

Ran across an interesting article today on the CBS News website. “The key to living to 100? New survey yields clues”.

Bottom line: Have a positive attitude (check); Eat healthy foods (half-check); Stay active (check); Think young (yup – that too). Looks like I’ve got it all down. At the end of the article is a link to a website where you can load your photo, answer a few questions, and it will tell you if your face matches your age.

I came up with – 67 WTF?????

That’s like 14 years older than I am! People always tell me that I look younger than I am. Are they lying to me? Granted, they warn you that your results may not be great if you don’t use a good picture, and my picture was grainy and one eye was hidden by hair – but still. Sixty-seven? I’m going to have to try this again tonight with a different picture. Damn – I may need to go to find one of those back-alley Juvederm salons.

Give it a shot yourself – the website is here. And post a comment with your findings!

Edit 1-May-15: I uploaded a different, clearer photo and came up with a much better result: 45. 🙂 It wasn’t 30, but hey – isn’t 45 the new 25?

The Beck Diet Solution

I have been making very weak attempts at losing weight over the past several weeks. Okay – for a long time. The exercise thing is going really well. The food thing is not. While working on an overly-stuffed, junk-laden drawer, I found the CD box for this program which I had purchased and Beck Dietstarted working a couple of years ago. Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. has created a well-respected cognitive therapy approach to dieting. A number of segments from the program have become the behavioural tenets taught by major diet programs such as Weight Watchers. It all makes perfect sense … you have to change the way you think about food before you’ll successfully achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You spend time thinking about why you want to lose weight, provide all the arguments for and against it, then build counter-arguments that will be come like second nature.

It’s like doing a KonMari on your diet except you don’t eat what brings you joy because if I did that I’d be the size of a house.

I’ve lost the book but spent some of the money I’m not expending on clothes and repurchased the book on Kindle. In just a few minutes of reading, I see the parallels to so many things I’m trying to accomplish in my life. Numero uno – I lack focus and resolve. Look for some blog posts on this in the future.


WTGI’m really happy with how well training is going for the Peachtree Road Race. I’m now in week 6 of my Jeff Galloway training. The last 2 weekends my long run was 4 miles which I completed without moaning or whining. This Saturday it’s 5 miles! And I doubled my run-walk ratio last night to 2-minutes running, 1-minute walking. Patting myself on the back.

Single Girl Weekend

G is off on a motorcycle camping adventure all weekend so I will be on my own. I have a really big list of things I want to do. Seems like I always believe I have acres of time ahead of me simply because I’m relieved of the burdens of cooking dinner and actually speaking to another person. The biggest burden, of course, is this right here – so I am going to really limit my time online. I might work on a blog post or read a few, but all of the other time-sucking websites and apps just have to remain closed. Even if Duchess Kate goes into labour.


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