cat word cloud‘If it ain’t broke’:

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to buy new running shoes. I had about 350 miles on my primary pair of shoes and was starting to have various aches and pains. I’ve purchased three pairs of the same model of Brooks running shoe over the past 18 months, so when I tried on shoes I tried the Brooks, and for good measure, a new model of Adidas shoes.For stupid reasons, I was swayed by the pretty purple Adidas shoes. They were lightweight and springy so seemed perfect for an Atlanta summer. What the hell, I’ll try something new! The first run I felt some minor twinges but cracked it up to new shoes. After my second long run, my hip hurt – my hip has never hurt. I figured it was either old age, or the shoes. After testing old shoes and new shoes in various runs, it was the new shoes. Fortunately my favourite shoe store, Phidippides, let me exchange them for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline. Lesson learned: if your shoes work, don’t try another brand. 


We live in a townhouse community and have precious little outdoor space under personal control – like maybe 50 square feet in the front of our homes, and a small patio in the back. Last year I planted perennials out front so our garden looks really nice right now. My neighbour wanted to do something similar so she had a garden shop come out and give a quote for summer planting.  $1,500! Holy Crap – I think I’m going into landscape design. I told my neighbour I’d help her. I know she’s good for at least one bottle of wine 😉

Drink of the Summer:

IMG_1718Every year I find something different that becomes the summer favourite. I loathe beer, and although I like wine, for the hot, humid days in June through August I want something more summery. Over the years I’ve moved from pre-mixed margarita mix (I used to carry my own slushy blender to the pool), to Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, followed by Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade, and finally last year Blueberry Vodka with ginger ale. This year I’m into St Germaine Elderflower – but can’t find many recipes. Anyone have simple suggestions? Next weekend is the start of summer!

Why is it?

That the minute you finish cleaning the sink and rinsing the dish sponge after scrubbing a huge stack of dishes you turn around to find something greasy and disgusting on the stove? Ugh.


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