I love June. Here are my top ten favourite things about June.

Number 1.

June is part spring and part summer. The days are warm, but it still cools off at night. We’re not into the endless humidity and heat that mark July and August.

Number 2:

Lilacs. In my hometown, the lilac bushes are absolutely heaving with mauve, lavender, purple and white flowers. Heavenly!

Number 3:

It’s okay to blow some calories on lemonade.

Number 4:

Summer holidays! A carry over from school days, this is the month when we plan and anticipate our summer holiday. Beach or mountains this year? Or maybe a visit to the farm?

Number 5:

Long days, short nights. In my hometown of Calgary, the sun sets after 10 pm in late June. It’s golf heaven – you can tee off at 8 pm and still get in an easy 9 holes before dark. Even more impressive, one year my mother and I were in Oslo on June 21st. Summer Solstice meant that the sky was like dusk, all night long.

Oslo, Norway - the land of the midnight sun
Oslo, Norway – the land of the midnight sun
Number 6:

Not just lilacs, but flowers and flowering shrubs everywhere! Roses, lilacs, delphiniums, freesia, iris, lysianthus, peony, cotoneaster, bleeding hearts.

Bleeding Hearts in my sister's garden
Bleeding Hearts in my sister’s garden
Number 7:

Barefeet in the grass. Soft green grass that entices you to take off your shoes and walk barefoot.

Number 8:

June sounds. June has its own soundtrack: kids playing outside, couples strolling and chatting after dinner, birds chirping, bees buzzing, a lawnmower, bats hitting balls, music and laughter floating over from a restaurant or back deck. By July all you hear is the steady white-noise hummmmm of air conditioners.

Number 9:

Sundresses and sandals.

Simplicity Sundress

Number 10:

It’s my birthday month! Celebrate all.month.long.

I would love to hear from you! What is your favourite month or time of year, and why?


5 thoughts on “June is my favourite month

      1. we have only seen her a couple times since she moved here but still nice and she is moving back to southern Ontario which is over 2200 km away so will be a while till we see her again

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