It’s Still Tidy!

About 6 weeks ago I did the big KonMari tidy of the clothes. I thought it was time to take stock of how well maintenance has gone – more for my own interest than anything else. Original post here. 

  • Closet and drawers are still perfectly tidy.
  • Folding clothes is zen-like. I may sound slightly crazy, but folding makes me peaceful, and happy!
  • Only 2 items of clothing purchased since then – 2 summer tops – 1 has been worn about 5 times, the other sits untouched. Marie Kondo talks about how some people shop more for the joy of the hunt/acquisition than for the desire to actually wear new clothes. I think I do that – shopping is my sport. I’ll wear the second top I purchased, but I know I really just wanted to buy something.
  • Sewing instead of shopping: I made a dress last week and I’ve worn it twice. I love it. G thinks I look like I’m channeling Mad Men, but I don’t care – it makes me happy. I also made a pair of shorts this weekend and they are hideous. It will take some willpower to get rid of them after the work, but they really make me far from joyful.
  • With the dresser drawers organized, I know exactly where I can, and cannot acquire. There isn’t a centimeter of space for new running clothes or socks.
  • Still have to do the rest of the house. Next week.

Parducci_Small_Lot_Blend_Chardonnay_Mendocino_County1Two Reasons to Like this Wine

Last fall we went on an Alaska cruise & the ship’s sommelier filled my glass many times with a dry California Chardonnay from Parducci Winery that I really enjoyed.

I finally took the time to look up the Parducci Winery & was fascinated by this article on how it is reducing water usage & possibly enhancing the environment at the same time. It’s interesting to see how one small winery is undertaking novel ways to solve the water problem in their small corner of the world. Another instance where maybe we’ll be more likely to find solutions if we get more entrepreneurs and ‘regular’ folks involved, and keep the politicians, academics & bureaucrats away.

We got our Peachtree Road Race numbers!

I ran/walked 6 miles yesterday 🙂 Six miles. Yes, I was slow, but I did it – and faster than last week! Hooray for me.

Five weeks till the race. Next week’s run is 7-miles, then it’s time to taper and begin to get serious those damned hills. I just looked up the course map and mile 3 has a climb of almost 150 feet. Then it’s up and down the rest of the way. More up than down. Ugh.

“Completion is Winning.” “Completion is Winning.” Keep repeating that!

Peachtree Road Race Course Map


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