Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Same old goals, and commitments that I don’t honour. 

I have a beautiful, leather bound journal where each Sunday night I spend time planning. Problem is, I tend to write down too many things, accomplish only a few and so I sometimes feel a bit depressed because I haven’t accomplished everything on my list. I know that’s a mistake, but I believe it’s one that many of us make.

One of the things that fills my leather bound journal is the steps in the Beck Diet Solution. I’ve been preparing to diet for six weeks now, although the preps are only supposed to take two weeks. Dr Beck does say to take your time, but this is getting ridiculous.


One of the earliest daily steps Judith Beck teaches is to give yourself credit. As a component of the Beck Diet Solution, the intent is to give positive talk for the good things you have done in relation to food each day, but some days I wind up thinking about other good things I’ve done. And in spite of what my journal tells me, I’ve actually made some pretty good progress this year!

By consciously giving yourself credit, you’ll reinforce your self-confidence and build an awareness that you’re strong or in control.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. The Beck Diet Solution

The number one thing I’m giving myself credit for is following Marie Kondo’s principles. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has really and truly changed our home. I know this sounds overly dramatic and like I’m some kind of a nut job. But I’m serious. Over 2 months in and both G and I are looking at possessions differently.

The tidying is slowly working from the bedroom and office through the house.

My linen closet has never looked better.

Two drawers were jam packed with tea towels. Now there is just one. That leaves an entire drawer for cat toys! (Or at least that’s what Baby G suggested.)

I’m sewing. My sewing machine sat in the closet for five years and now I’m working on the third garment in six weeks.

I’m writing (not as much as I would like, but more than six months ago), and I’m really spending more time doing and less time looking at beloved Apple products.

The television is on less. Granted, it’s summer and there aren’t any new shows to watch. I’m playing more music, and we’re also enjoying silence. This afternoon we both worked on our little projects in a quiet house. It was actually really nice.

And here’s a really big surprise. I’m not shopping, so I’m spending less money. Whoa – that in itself is absolutely HUGE.  I have to do a quick account analysis, but I think I’m spending considerably less money. More to come on this sometime soon.

In spite of all of the positives in the house and my life, there is one important area to be addressed. Food, weight, and my health. All of this has come to the front of my mind because I was bit by a spider two weeks ago. That resulted in 1 emergency room visit, exams by 2 other doctors, and 4 different prescriptions. This was no brown recluse or black widow spider – just some garden variety little nipper. I’m on the mend, but the whole experience has made me realize that I need to make my health a priority. The spider bite couldn’t be avoided, but high cholesterol, high blood pressure and excess body weight can be.

I need to eat better. Since I’m on my own four nights a week, I don’t cook a lot. I eat popcorn, toast, string cheese, ice cream, crackers and cheese. Starting tomorrow, it’s salads and some protein.

I need to exercise more, and better. For about 12 weeks I’ve been training for a 10k on the 4th of July, so I feel very proud that I’ve fulfilled that commitment. To stay strong for a longer life I need to add weights, yoga, and just every day walking.

So tonight I’m giving myself credit for a lot of things. My fresh start began today. I’m toasting myself with a big glass of water.

My goal is to look back again in 3-months, on the first day of Autumn, and see that my home is still running smoothly, and there a healthier, smaller me.


8 thoughts on “Starting fresh again and again and again

  1. A tip for being more effective with the list is to rank the tasks, A, B, and C. Do all A’s first and as many B’s as possible on day 1 and don’t do any C’s. On day 2 move any B’s that have become A’s and do them first and as many B’s as possible and don’t do any C’s. Repeat day 1 again and move to day 2.

    This way the important is not push aside for the urgent. Everything else just keeps going with Dr. Beck’s plan.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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  2. I have the same habit. I always plan! I plan and plan and then doing is very different and difficult and challenging. It is interesting and nice to see others suffer the same issues. Maybe it is a habit of creative people? To daydream more than they do? I will definitely keep in mind to start giving myself credit more too, after all I’m also on this weight loss journey and it is a hard one.

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  3. Good for you on all of your achievements!!! We should keep our eyes focused on those much more than on anything else. Alas, I tend to do the oposite – be annoyed with myself because I didn’t manage to do so-and-so many things of my to-do-list, even though I jammed it with stuff and don’t give myself credit for what I actually DID. Bummer. Well done on your Konmari Method as well!!! And baby G looks stunning – those eyes – my-oh-my ❤ ❤ ❤ I keep telling myself to do the kitchen towels as well but I'd be jumping categories 😉 I might still do it despite of everything 😉 Still kind of working on craft/paper stuff, I'm kinda mingling categories already :-/ But basically I just wanted to tell you: good for you :)!!!

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  4. Your cat is ADORABLE – such a pretty little face! I’m going to keep checking back to see how you are getting on with the Beck Diet Solution – I’m just starting with the dieting part tomorrow (been pussyfooting about starting for a while now, too!). Best of luck going forward!

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