The Peachtree Road Race is a week from today on July 4th. It’s 10km, up and down hills on asphalt. I’ve run about a dozen 5k races, but never anything this long, or this hilly.  Mile 3 is called Cardiac Hill  … not very encouraging, is it?

This is Atlanta in summer. It is hot and humid and gross. And summer came early, so we’ve had “lows” of 78 or 79 most nights. This past Monday when I did my training run at 6:10 am it was 77 degrees.

There are 60,000 people in this race and my wave doesn’t go out until about 8:30 am. That means the sun will be beating down, we’ll be on city streets with little or no shade, and it will be 80 degrees or more with probably 75% humidity. On top of that, we’ll have to get on the train at about 5 am to get there in time. Could someone please remind me why I’m doing this? 

When i went through my bug bite incident three weeks ago, we discovered that my lungs are only working at 71% of capacity. This really troubles me. My allergist and internist both told me I’m fine to run, but it’s on my mind. i’ve had a lot of odd ailments over the years and have discovered that there is no Dr. Gregory House waiting in the wings so I usually have to do my own detective work. I believe I have traced the lung issue back to a medication I began taking about 8 weeks ago. I quit taking that med this week (it’s nothing life or death, just something we were trying out for a little problem) and I believe my chest feels better.

But here’s my fear. The Peachtree has a time limit of 2 hours. I am pretty sure I can crawl it in 2 hours, but I don’t want to embarrass myself. I’m afraid of having to walk for miles 3 and 4, when the hills are at their worst, then never having the strength or lung capacity to start running again for the final 2 miles. I’m afraid of being overcome by the heat. I’m afraid of losing my breath and not getting the t-shirt because I can’t finish and have to be hauled to the finish line on a golf cart.

I keep reminding myself that I did 7-miles just 3 weeks ago, and I did them faster than my 6-mile runs. But I am really, really concerned about those hills.

I guess my goal will be to finish. Just finish, girl. Just finish. I’ve got a week to psych myself up so will just keep reading these mantras.



4 thoughts on “Dreading the Peachtree

  1. Doesn’t matter when you finish! You give it your best. That’s all the counts. Trust me there will be someone is much worse shape than you (wondering why they are doing it too). Woo hoo! Hugs all around!

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  2. Once you realize that you won’t win then you can relax and enjoy the event! Giant runs like these are meant to be a party. Listen to your body and pace yourself accordingly. I use a run/walk pattern to keep moving. You’ve got the base miles done! You definitely can do this!

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