My birthday falls at the end of June, almost exactly half-way through the calendar year. When I was a kid I felt blessed because I had a day of presents every six months. I always thought my birthday fell at the perfect time! Now, as an adult, I look at my birthday a bit differently. I see it as a day to sit back to reflect on the past year, while planning for the new second-half of the year!

Happy Birthday to me (the cute/little one on the left)! Guess I got a Lucky Locket Kiddle for my birthday 🙂

This year on my birthday, I took some time to think about what I accomplished this past year. Here, in no particular order, are the things I patted myself on the back for:

  • I settled in quickly to my new job – learning new things, enjoying myself and not dreading Mondays – too much. 😉
  • Took on and actually completed a training program for something/ anything! In this case, it was 14 weeks, leading up to this week’s 10k Peachtree Road Race. Whoop whoop! (Let’s see how I feel on Saturday at about 10:30 am …)
  • We decided to focus on spending less time around home on weekends, so we have traveled more. In the past year we have visited many places: Alaska & Victoria on a cruise, Calgary, London, Asheville, Pasadena, Chicago, Florida – with four more plane tickets in my Delta app!
  • I started sewing again. I’m not yet a good seamstress and the garments I make don’t look perfect (especially on the inside), but I enjoy the time I spend at the machine and proudly wear my home-made tops and dresses. Honestly, this is bringing me a considerable amount of joy!Woman_sewing_with_a_Singer_sewing_machine
  • I’m blogging and writing regularly, which makes me feel really accomplished and happy. I write for myself, and if others read what I write then that’s just a bonus!
  • I came to peace with a major component of my personality: In spite of spending years willingly taking leadership and prominent positions, I now accept that I am essentially an introvert. I love doing things on my own and just generally feel uncomfortable and often panicked after spending time with those other than my very closest friends. After social events I find that I lie awake dissecting my words to figure what stupid-ass comments I made. Honestly, I tend to wake myself up with a jolt thinking, “why did I say that? how did I screw up?” and that’s even after just drinking tea. Fortunately, G is also an introvert and we love each other’s company. But maybe, just maybe, I can improve my ability to socialise.
  • I did the KonMari thing on a good chunk of our house and to this day I am thrilled with the results! Marie Kondo is my girl crush. This week when preparing for a house guest I only had to clean, not tidy. The house looked good after about an hour’s worth of housework. Brilliant!

Now I have to start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next year. Numero uno is absolutely, without a doubt, to lose weight. Period. No argument. Must do this. Put down the spoon. Shut your pie hole. Just say No, Nancy Reagan. “You can’t exercise away a bad diet.” And I want anyone who reads this to hold me accountable!

Number two is another physical challenge, which will be improving my 5k time. We have a couple of 5k’s planned for September, so the timing is good. A subset of this goal is to get strong. And a bit more flexible (my joints, not just my attitude).

Number three is more of psychological goal. I am a checklist kind of gal — love to cross things off my list with a flourish, then toss them over my shoulder and say, “done!”. But I have found that the culture at work is very accepting of, “if you don’t like it, change it. Deadlines don’t matter!” I’m more than a bit stubborn and do not have a problem saying NO to people when they come back to me with a change after a deadline. However, sometimes I’m a bit too adamant and it causes some raised eyebrows at work. So I’m going to work on learning to be a open-minded to those who don’t have the ability to actually complete things right the first time 😉 (There’s a touch of facetiousness here – but it is something I know will be on my employee development list for the 2nd half of this year.)

There’s nothing else really on my list. Well, I could finish that goal setting book that I started in January … but that would be too organized and rational.


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