Round Up

A casual web log of my life this week

This week started with so much promise! I had a good run over the weekend and had a plan to run three times, walk at lunch, and get in some 15 minute yoga sessions .. but then my office’s move became a giant blob of goo that just overtook everything in its path.

Not only did I not run all week, I didn’t even walk at lunch. I did make it to my session with the trainer on Wednesday, but that was about it for physical activity. Lots of overtime, no lunch breaks, late home every evening. Take out at lunch (albeit always salads) and whatever was in the house for dinner at night. Right now, ‘whatever is in the house’ consists of frozen chicken sandwiches from Costco, and salads. Never ending bags of salad. Oh – and about 5 pounds of beautiful British Columbia cherries. Heaven on earth, and a happy reminder of summer camp when my mom & dad would bring old plastic ice cream buckets full of cherries to me on parents’ weekend.


The worst part of the week was my back seizing in a massive spasm yesterday morning at work in the midst of a frenzy of packing boxes that were not my responsibility (I’m not even going to go there because it will become a giant rant that I’ll later regret, and I’m also trying to focus on the positive.) 

The good part about the back spasm was spending this morning with the acupuncturist – who I truly enjoy visiting. It’s a treat to have a session with her, even when I’m in agony. She’s part Western physician, part Eastern Medicine practitioner, and part shrink. After my visit this morning my back spasm has eased, and my mind is stimulated because we chatted for 45 minutes about everything from diet to Marie Kondo to politics. She has great perspective on so many topics! 

This week’s sewing project is a fitted, back-buttoned top. I’m making progress but it’s been slow because I made my first muslin. It remains to be seen if the process improved the fit of the top, but the exercise is building onto my sewing skills. Last Sunday I enlisted G to help me pin and mark the muslin, but quickly decided I was better off trying to do it myself. Am I silly to think that an engineer would be interested in garment construction?

Marie Kondo would not be pleased to see the closet in my sewing room. There is a growing stash of fabric and patterns. And I added 2 more patterns and pieces of fabric today. How can I say no to 99 cent patterns? Granted, I love everything I’ve purchased, but I have too much on the go with one project in the works and three more waiting. Two are supposed to be done by the time I head home for my holiday at the end of the week. Think I can do it? Ha ha.

Speaking of ‘ha ha’, apparently LOL is passé and Facebook has decreed that we are to use ‘ha ha’ or an emoji instead. I love emojis for texting, but LOL has it’s own charm. LOL and ha ha are not the same thing … LOL is much more energetic and wry than ‘ha ha’. ‘Ha ha’ is laconic. Now if it was ha ha HA that would be entirely different.

Have a great week!


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