Round Up

I spent most of last weekend in the sewing room with the TV on in the background. There are about 150 channels with my cable package and I stumbled upon one of those channels that broadcasts only shows from the 70s and 80s. I can’t decide if TV has improved or degraded but determined that The Partridge Family is pretty bad, and The Golden Girls is still funny.

s1611136-main-hero-300Early Monday morning I had a horrifying experience. As I was blow drying my hair I noticed my upper arms were swinging around, all jiggly and wiggly and crepey. Where did THESE come from? I have old-lady, fat, floppy arms. Damn! Have I been walking around all summer with bat wings? Time to get serious about weight training. And I’m also going to diligently use that Fat Girl Slim  skin-tightening cream that I paid too much for. I’m sure it works miracles (rolling eyes).

We moved into the new office on Monday. I have been counting the days since I started this job in June of 2014. Yes, it’s nice to work in a beautiful new facility on a campus with multiple food options and not 1 but 2 huge gyms … However, the best thing is that I can WALK to work! In Atlanta, home of the nightmare commute, I am within 1 mile of work!

On Monday my back was still in spasm so I couldn’t carry my laptop and walk. And on Tuesday I did walk to work (19 minutes at a ‘determined’ pace). Storms rolled in around noon (when I planned to walk to the grocery store) and they stayed around. In spite of a torrential downpour I attempted to walk home and got about 2 blocks before there was a huge boom and I ran back to the building. G picked me up and I pouted all the way home. Honestly, I was bitterly disappointed. I guess I’ll have to accept that this will be a irregular event, at least until we get through the late summer tropical systems.

That same back spasm that kept me from walking to work also kept me from doing exercise of any type. I did get in 8000 steps on Monday, just walking in circles solving move issues. My priorities have to change.

On Friday I started my first ‘real’ vacation in almost a year and I headed to my hometown. For fun comparative purposes, here were Friday afternoon’s temperatures:

  • Atlanta = 30C / 88F
  • Calgary = 3C / 37F

I packed the wrong clothes!

And I’m thinking of my Dad today. He’s been gone for almost 40 years but today is his 94th birthday. Always miss you, Dad! xxx


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