I watch some NFL football and a few college games. Stop. Strike that. My television is tuned to football from noon on Saturday through to bedtime on Sunday. And the occasional Monday night, like tonight.

My NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, is playing tonight. They haven’t been very good (frankly, they’ve sucked) for the last couple of seasons and before that they were good, but more than that, they were lucky. Tonight is the first game of the new season, with a new coach and many new players. They were brilliant for the first half, and then in the second half they were just meh.

Hanging with my buddy, Freddie Falcon, and the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders.
My love for the Falcons doesn’t come from a lifetime in Atlanta, because I’ve only been here 5 years. I was a huge Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football League) fan growing up and I still wear my Stampeders jersey and watch the games on the rare occasion they are televised in the States. G and I have always supported the local team, so when we were in Central Illinois it was the Rams, then in Florida it was the Jaguars. But when we moved to Atlanta I became affiliated with the Falcons. Because of that, we went to every home game, plus traveled to away games occasionally, and even had the opportunity to travel with the team. We volunteered on the pre-game sidelines for years. We even went to London last year to watch them play in a miserable debacle of a game (but it was London, so who really cares about the game!). Why the Falcons? I just like the team and their ‘realness’. There are no superstar players, no WAGs on TMZ, no Tom Brady, no shenanigans, and no defensive players who aim for quarterback’s knees. I am now just your average fan who screams at the TV and then winds up watching the 2nd half out of the corner of my eye while I do something to keep my mind off of how they are blowing the game. Last season I cleaned during the games and this house has never been so clean! This year I suspect there will be a lot of sewing … and my expectations for the season may be best summed up by the number of projects lined up and ready to go. One a week?

If you ever glance at my Twitter feed, please excuse any tweets made in fits of emotion – fury, elation, dismay or jubuliance. Oh, there will also probably be many references to ‘wine’ and how it needs to be consumed copiously if you’re a Falcons fan.

For now, this is the time of the season when every fan believes their team will go to the Super Bowl. So #RiseUp Atlanta! If you get to the dance in February, we will be there!

Oh … they won tonight. Take THAT Philadelphia!

Fun times on the field of the Georgia Dome.

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