Football Sunday and I’m flitting between sewing, and blogging. I think that tells you about the level of stress surrounding my NFL Falcons. I’m only slightly superstitious (rolling eyes), and because they won on Monday night while I was writing, I’m giving it a try again today.

Beautiful morning for an early morning run!

Yesterday G and I ran a 5k. This particular race is a tradition as we’ve run it for the past 4 years. Neither of us trained much so in the car en route we agreed that this was just another Saturday morning run – a little 3-mile training run. Honestly, I tend to take that “just finish” mantra too far, when in fact I need to get focused and put extra effort during races. During the Peachtree Road Race I was so relaxed that I wasted about 7 minutes screwing around with my phone. So yesterday I pushed a bit harder and wound up finishing :43 faster than last year. A decent effort, but still far my best. Must work on that “give my all” thing when running races. And also must work on finishing. I did really well until the last half mile when I just felt like I ran out of gas.

My better half had a good day, and wound up 2nd in his age division! Actually, he always places in his division and has won twice. I think that’s called “natural talent”, of which I have none.

Just finish … errr … just finish FASTER

The weather began to turn this week so walking to work was refreshing in the morning, and comfortable in the afternoon. I got to wear a jacket! That’s a big deal here in the South … we look for excuses to wear sweaters and boots. Fifty degrees? Sounds like the perfect day for boots and a wool jacket! The Canadian in me feels confused by this thinking. When in Calgary I probably stubbornly wore sandals and sleeveless tops at 40F.

I haven’t done much gloating about my walking commute, but now strangers at work are starting to comment to me in elevators, “I saw you walking home from work yesterday and you were going faster than I was.” Would it be rude to laugh at them? Sure, we’ve given up some things by living in a very urban townhouse, but the benefits so outweigh what we’ve lost.

The sun going down on summer over Lake Lanier

Yesterday provided a fitting end to summer with an afternoon on Lake Lanier for a friend’s bridal shower. Lake Lanier is actually a reservoir north of Atlanta, created by a dam on the Chattahoochee river. It’s a beautiful lake surrounded by Georgia pine, Sugar Maple, Buckeye and Hickory, some of which are just barely beginning to turn colour. The drive up along two lane windy roads was so pretty with the Blue Ridge Mountains floating in the distance as my car crested over hills – a great advertisement for north Georgia. The weather was perfect with a glorious blue sky, low humidity and moderate temperatures (around here that’s mid-80’s, y’all). A small group of women out in a big boat. Lots of laughs, more than a few tears from the trepidatious and supremely stressed bride-to-be, and too much wine (for some, surprisingly not for this girl!). Today I’m wondering if I should be worried about this stressed bride. What I saw yesterday was more than just nerves. This may be the time to take her for a long lunch and just let her say whatever she needs to say. This should be the time for joy, but I’m afraid I just saw a lot of fear.

Please don’t try to examine my psyche but I’ve entered an online sewing contest and am making a dress for my girl cat. I’m quite invested in this, having spent probably 6 hours on the project already. So far, only one minor injury from a swat during a fitting.

I think Kylie Jenner should expect some serious modeling competition from this newcomer to the fashion scene.

Last minute update prior to publishing: My Atlanta Falcons won! Guess there will be a lot of blogging between 1 and 4 pm on Sundays. #RiseUp Atlanta!


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