I tend to be single minded … so when I get interested in something, that’s all I think about. If it’s a home project, I’ll want to call in sick (or beg to work from home so I can “multi-task” 😉 ), and if it’s a project at work, I don’t complain about coming in early or staying late.

Is that the opposite of ADD? 

Anyway, for the last few weeks I’ve been single-mindedly sewing. I’ve skipped out on social activities, let my nails go ragged and not answered the phone. G is impressed that I have found a hobby that will endure, but I’m not impressed with myself for getting too wrapped up in one activity.

The thing about sewing is that it has no end. There’s always a new project or skill to learn (and I have plenty to learn). The last obsession was my Marie Kondo journey, but with the tidying up there was a beginning and an end. Yup, that tidying-up has endured and my closets and drawers still look fantastic! My other ongoing obsession is gardening, but with that there is a season – especially in parts of the world where there is a hard freeze. As my sister has said, the only thing better than gardening is the months when you let the beds rest and dream of gardening.

But I’ve missed posting in my blog and I really need to get onto a serious workout regime, so I’m going to seek more balance, starting now. On Monday I finished a wadder sewing project (the sewist ladies at patternreview.com taught me that some projects deserve to be wadded up and tossed). Thus with that unsatisfying project done, now is a good time to broaden my interests and quit obsessively working on one thing, or the other. Balance.

So the first order of business is a blog update.

G managed to drag me away from my sewing machine last weekend for a long-planned visit to Portland, Maine. We don’t know anyone there and aren’t really leaf peepers, so why Maine? It’s on the list of possible retirement locations. (I know the winters are cold, but I grew up with cold weather, and as Rhoda Morgenstern said, I figure I’ll keep better) Seriously, our ideal is a place with considerably lower population density, mountains and the sea.

We stayed in Portland, right along the waterfront. Portland is a small city, but very picturesque with considerable history. Harbourside Portland is a foodie’s dream – so many cool, funky, interesting restaurants in old buildings. In 2009 Bon Appetit Magazine named Portland the “foodiest small town in the US”.

Downtown Portland as night fell. Every door is a restaurant or independent shop.
On Saturday we drove north to Acadia National Park (about 3 hours from Portland). This photo is enroute to the park. These sumacs were the first to begin showing colour. The day was unfortunately quite grey, so not too many photos. 


Looking out from Acadia National Park. Yes, that is a cruise ship!
  Saturday night we found a great little restaurant called the King’s Head. Their Fish & Chips rivalled our favourite chippie in London, and this Brindle  was the best cocktail I’ve had in a long time.Portland seems to be a young city, so lots of people out for dinner, drinks and socializing.

Sunday morning we drove over to the Portland Headlight, at Port Elizabeth. After a day of rain and wind, and another of cloud, Sunday was beautiful albeit crisp. After spending the morning here, I could see myself walking or jogging along this cliff wall when I don’t have the burden of work!

As we flew home, G asked me if Maine was still on the list. Yes, it is …

Oh, and once again I didn’t watch my Atlanta Falcons play their weekly football game (relied on Twitter for the highlights). They won and are currently unbeaten for the season! I’m beginning to think that it’s bad luck for me to actually watch the games because they’ve done so well when I haven’t been glued to the TV.  I will say that this sunset while flying home makes up for missing a weekend of sewing, organizing or football watching. 


5 thoughts on “A little too single-minded

  1. Could you be single minded about introducing a balance? Sorry, couldn’t resist that. But seriously, it is great to be able to be so focused. I wonder if you could use the sewing to help you to do other things you want to do – like the exercise thing. I’m thinking out loud really here but I always say want to read more non-work books but the risk is I will just sit on my backside and do that and not run etc so I use the reading as a treat. I do my 45 minute run, I get to sit and read 45 minutes. Sometimes it’s the other way round – I want to run but something else needs doing so the run becomes the reward for getting it done… You could even pop a small amount of change in a jar whenever you compelte the planned exercise and use the money to buy something sewing related? Just ideas, I am sure you’ll figure this out. Love the pictures and enjoy reading about your life. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Oh Jess, thanks for the absolutely brilliant ideas! like the idea of considering things a treat, and honestly, once I’m at the gym and working out I usually don’t want to stop. So sometimes the treat could be the sewing, and other times the workouts. Its just a matter of changing my perception.

      The idea of putting change in a jar actually has me quite excited. We’re going on a cruise in a few weeks and I like to take a small amount of cash for the casino. I always feel guilty about taking cash from the bank for gambling, so I’m going to reward myself with money for the casino. I’ll put in a bit every time I finish a workout. Maybe 10 cents a minute or something.

      Thanks so much for the great feedback!

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      1. Ah brilliant idea re the casino! You’ve just given me an idea too. I am really looking forward to the fitness expo at Disney and I’d really like some official RunDisney merchandise but always feel a biit guilty for spending such silly amounts on a simple running shirt or something. I will set up my own change jar and use the money for that! Happy working out, sewing and saving!

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