Weekly Round-Ups shouldn’t be posted on Wednesday … but Monday was Thanksgiving at home, and I decided to phone my mom instead of posting. Then Tuesday I had a work dinner so the evening was shot. Now it’s Wednesday and I figured there was no harm in posting today!

Last year on Thanksgiving Monday I was flying home to Atlanta after a surprise visit to Calgary. It truly was a total shock to everyone except the one niece who I entrusted with my secret. My family is lousy about keeping secrets. I once told mom of some surprise plans and said, “don’t tell anyone” and not two minutes later she told my sister. “I didn’t think I couldn’t tell your sister!” This year there wasn’t any commemoration. For the first few years I was in the States I would cook a turkey and we’d have the neighbours over. They’d be puzzled by turkey dinner on a rather random Monday in October, but no one really complained about turkey, gravy, mashed and veg. If G had been home on Monday I would have cooked a turkey breast, but since it was just me, I was thankful for my countless blessings over a bowl of steak chili.

Autumn arrived a couple of weeks ago but we haven’t really had fall-like weather here in Atlanta. A few leaves are showing some colour (the dogwood on the side of our house is usually the earliest sign), but everything else still looks rather summerlike.

Photo Credit: http://www.rareseeds.com/bee-balm-lemon/
Photo Credit: http://www.rareseeds.com/bee-balm-lemon/

But last week I noticed something odd that I can only ascribe to the change of seasons. I planted bee balm in the front bed this past spring. It’s grown beautifully and has had masses of soft purple flowers for months. But it’s unruly and I’ve been unable to deadhead because there are always bees hanging out on the flowers. Big fat bumblebees just camped out on the flowers day and night. If I ventured too close when trimming other plants, a couple of bees would perform a fly by to warn me away.

After work on Thursday I decided to do a fast tidy of the garden and dove into the plants surrounding the bee balm. I cut away masses of fading flowers and then suddenly noticed – the bees are gone. All of them. And they haven’t been back. Clearly, that’s a sign of fall that I hadn’t expected to see. Now I know to look for leaves changing, shorter days, flatter sunlight, and a dearth of bees on the bee balm.

Yes, I know I’m handsome.

Our boy kitty had his annual check-up on Saturday and he has lost just over a pound. When you’re only 12 pounds, that’s a considerable amount of weight. The vet ran a bunch of tests and nothing is amiss, so I started giving him canned food. He’s now after me six, seven times a day for a meal. All it took was a bit of fancy canned food, tuna juice, fresh salmon, and he’s got his healthy appetite back. We think he’s just been mourning his sweet ‘sister’ kitty. I still find myself in tears when I think of her and I sometimes wonder if my heart would be able to bear it if he was unwell!

On Sunday I managed to sew an entire tunic during the day’s football games. Granted, it was super simple but still, I’ve never finished anything that quickly. I am working on being more mindful and productive – not agonizing over teeny details that don’t matter. And yes, distracted viewing seems to be just the vibe the Falcons need because they are now unbeaten. Good thing I have a closet full of projects because we’re only a quarter of the way through the season!

This Saturday we’re going to a wedding – the first wedding we’ve attended together since, well, our wedding!  I’ve bought three different dresses to wear (I love having an excuse to buy a new dress!). Now I’m wondering why I didn’t just make myself something …


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