We are just starting our first holiday away together in a year, and the first time traveling ‘just us’ in 14 months. There have been little trips away, but all either involved work, or other people. We usually travel with another couple and a single female friend. While we love traveling with them, and we all get along amazingly well, sometimes we don’t want the group thing – we just want to go away and be the two of us. 

This cruise is going to be different in another way.  Typically I spend most of my time in the casino or just wandering, and he works. G didn’t bring his laptop for the first time EVER!

Mr. Super-Type-A has been reading books on Buddism and Zen so all of his focus is on being more … focused, i.e., being more mindful and in the moment, and the fact that internet access is hugely expensive on the ship will help with that.

He wants to read, which works well with what I want to do which is float in the blue of the Caribbean Sea. He’s happy in the shade, I’m happy on the surf.

Last week I made up a laminated index card with things to be mindful of during the cruise. I was totally unsuccessful in meeting my diet/weight loss goals for the lead up to this trip – because all of my willpower goes out the window the moment a Gigi’s 700 calorie cupcake is within my field of vision, so I decided that I need to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind. This card fits in my little purse, and can handle getting wet if it happens to be splashed by  a martini.

I bought three adult colouring books as activity for me, just because I figured this would be a fun thing to do in the sun and would go well with something cold and tropical in the middle of the afternoon.

We’ve planned excursions that appeal to both of us, and as I noted on the card, we’ve vowed to really enjoy every opportunity that comes on a modern cruise ship – the spa, wonderful and healthy food, the gym, great places to sit and watch the world go by, and loads of time to just be together.

Now I just hope that the days don’t go by too quickly.

Marie Kondo made it on the cruise.


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