So back from 8 whole days of vacation on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I could be like most people and say that I was ready to go back to work, but that would be a lie. I was not ready and I don’t think it’s so great to get back into a routine. Those are just the little white lies people create to convince themselves to crawl out of bed after a holiday. 

This time around I vowed to do things a little bit differently, and I did make some minor changes.

  • I ate better. Cruises are notorious for weight gain. A often repeated “fact” states that the average cruiser gains 8 pounds over the course of a 7-night cruise. I wound up gaining about 2, which is okay. I can count my treats on one hand: Two servings of ice cream, one lemon tart, one scone with cream. I did have dessert every night, but I don’t think that’s a treat when you’re on vacation 😉 Hugely improved my eating habits. We won’t talk about the cocktails.
  • I walked a lot. My Jawbone UP band pooped out and didn’t record steps properly when we were at sea. I probably averaged about 4.5 miles a day.
  • Two weight workouts where I actually sweated and didn’t just make a half-hearted attempt.
  • I read two books! Granted, both were chick lit with zero intellectual or critical value. Surprisingly, the protagonist in both books was a woman who drank too much, which was funny because there was usually a rum punch in my hand as I read.
  • All-drinks included deals are wasted on us. This time around we had a package deal where all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks were included for no extra charge to us. The cruise line made out like bandits on us. I once calculated that you need to consume at least 8 alcoholic drinks each day to come out ahead on the all-inclusive drinks package. We just aren’t partiers (well, not anymore) so got nowhere near that average. I’m at the point in life where one afternoon cocktail puts me to sleep (unless it’s a rum punch on the beach), and more than two glasses of wine with dinner makes me too full to finish my entree. Dang, I’m getting old.
  • A lot of people are horribly ill-mannered. We’ve been on a lot of cruises and there were more disagreeable and rude people on this ship than I’ve ever before encountered. That’s not to say that everyone was awful, but there were an inordinate number of people who treated the staff really poorly, and were rude to everyone around them. And it wasn’t the Millennials who everyone says are the rude ones – it was the 40, 50 and 60+ year olds.
  • IMG_2047
    Look at that beautiful drawer of neatly folded clothing!

    I tried to live my Kon Marie life but that’s almost impossible in 190 square feet (and of course that’s when it’s most beneficial). Actually, moi did pretty well. My drawers were beautiful, and my toiletries stayed neatly in their bags under the sink. Unfortunately I was traveling with another person who … well, I’m not going to get into his habits here, but suffice it to say that I’m absolutely the organized one in this marriage.

  • I used my university French. I actually had entire conversations with people in French. Granted, they weren’t long drawn-out dissertations, but I was able to converse pretty well with some Quebecers, and with several people in Martinique. Mdme Thibault would be proud. And it makes me want to hunt down the nearest Alliance Francais.

I’ll leave you with just a few pictures. We saw some great beaches in Tortola, Dominica and St Kitts, and the standard unbelievable sunsets. Others have said that God paints his most beautiful brushstrokes at sunrise and sunset, and when you’re on the sea you truly see the masterpieces.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
View from our hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico
St Kitts
Volcanic Sand Beach, Dominica
Volcanic Sand Beach, Dominica
Merry Go Round on the boardwalk in Fort-de-France, Martinique  
My favourite view ... just floating in the sea
My favourite view … just floating in the sea
A different view of the sea from the ship
Watching a Royal Caribbean ship sail off into the sunset from St Kitts
Sunset in St Thomas
From the Aft Bar as we headed out from Dominica
Last sunset … until the next one

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