Calvin & Hobbs by Bill Watterson

So on Friday morning, at 6:30 am, I donned my bathing suit and crawled into the warm water of the hydrostatic weighing tub in the van parked outside of work.

The little man threw the weight band on my back and I sank down into the tub, expelled all my air, and came back up – once, twice, three times. I always feel like I’m going to die when I’m on the bottom of that tub with no air in my lungs. It’s not like anyone is holding me down, but if you come up too soon and he hasn’t gotten a good reading then he huffs and puffs a bit and scolds … and I’m someone who feels great guilt when scolded.

The results, “there’s good news and bad news,” he told me while I stood dripping.

I’ve gained about 1.5 pounds in muscle, but have also gained a pound of fat.

How does that happen?

I’m eating well – I average about 1,600 calories a day, which is exactly where I’m supposed to be for my age and size.

I work out – hard – with a strength trainer twice a week.

I take an average of 9,500 steps a day.

How did I gain weight?

I thought back to when I’ve been able to successfully lose weight in the past.

Step Reebok – The Video.

When I was about 31 I went from pudgy to slim, tight, toned – like not afraid to bare my midriff – in 5 months. I counted every calorie (and I mean every calorie, I was obsessive about recording every morsel eaten), went to 4-5 step classes a week (remember those?) and lifted weights twice a week. Gym rat. One cookie a week as a treat, drinking vodka & soda when I dared to go out.

About 8 years ago I did Weight Watchers, lost about 30 pounds and hit my goal in 8 months. I attended meetings religiously, counted every point and ran or walked 5 days a week.

Head hanging … I’m realizing I can only blame myself. I do record most of what I eat (most being the operative word). I eat kind of well (snacking along the way).  And I’m doing no cardio. Yes, I get in steps but rarely heart rate raising cardio.

So yesterday morning I ran for the first time since September. I changed my Jeff Galloway run-walk-run ratios to 1:00 running, :30 walking, and my pace actually dropped to sub-13:00 miles for the first time in a long time. Small thing, but that tells me that the weight training may actually make my running a wee bit easier. This morning I took my iPad to the elliptical and watched an episode of Great British Sewing Bee, and the time actually went quickly. Beneficial multitasking.

I’m going to do better at recording what I eat.

And I’m going to cut down on carbs. Lately, dinner has too often been toast, or popcorn. This won’t be crazy Atkins carb cutting, but dropping my carb intake to about 35% of my total calories. That should force me to make better food choices, if nothing else.

28 days until the holidays and I will be damned if I am not 6 pounds lighter then.


5 thoughts on “Kick in the pants

    1. Linda, its an every day battle that is maybe not so much courage, but pride. I have a big birthday coming up next June and I just want to look okay in pictures. 🙂 I’m hoping that if I can get through this holiday week and see a little loss that will keep me motivated.

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      1. That’s so sweet of you to say! I hope you get to where you want to be with your weight and fitness but make sure you’re happy doing it. I am not sure we need to obsess about food and note every calorie. I think we just need to be mindful of making better (not perfect!) choices. It should be about being healthy not skinny (not that the media would allow us to think that for one minute!) I’ll never be skinny. I have no ambition to be skinny. I want to be fit and strong and healthy and I want to have fun being it – and fun means chocolate chip cookies every now and again and a glass or two of wine and popcorn and pasta and and and…I think for me the biggest change over the last year is that I now make conscious decisions about eating and drinking. So rather than having chocolate because everyone else in the office is, I actually think about whether I really want it. The knock on effect of that is probably that I eat less crap because I am more conscious of the amount I am eating. Good Luck – and keep blogging. I like reading your thoughts x


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