This Thanksgiving will mark my 19th in the United States.

I moved from Canada in November 1996, just in time for the holidays. I was excited to join in on all of the American festivities surrounding the holidays. “Over the river and through the woods”, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a big bird cooking while the TV blares football, and Black Friday.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

In spite of the stereotypes of Thanksgiving, our 4th Thursday in November is generally pretty subdued. Most years I’ve had to work on the Friday, which does not make a day of cooking (and cleaning) very appealing. So we’ve traveled, eaten in restaurants, or gone to buffets at the country club. A couple of years ago I even bought a beautiful pre-cooked turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes – but it took as long to reheat the bird as it would have for me to cook one … at about 5 times the price! In spite of the fact that we aren’t entertaining, the house is decked out for the holiday with ceramic pumpkins, pilgrim salt & pepper shakers, platters shaped liked turkeys, fall floral arrangements and Aromatique Pumpkin Spice melties (which smell better than any real food). Marie Kondo challenged me to surround myself with things I love, and I do love the fall colours and symbols!

This year I do have a four-day weekend and we are eating at home. G is on vacation so when I came home last night he had bought a fresh bird, potatoes, veggies, wine, and whiskey. Everything is planned with the intention of awesome leftovers. He’s actually a better cook than I am (as long as he doesn’t shave off his finger on the mandolin, but that’s another story) so I’ll probably let him do much of the work. That means I’ll get dish duty, which I hate, but wine and/or whiskey always makes washing up easier!

While he is in the kitchen tonight, I’ll be working on a bit of holiday sewing. I saw this great tutorial from Simplicity for a quick place mat project so am working on that tonight. Maybe I’ll start on some Christmas gifts … my deadline is soon because everything has to be shipped 1,900 miles. There will likely be some shopping on the weekend, but not of the Black Friday variety. No sale in the world is worth that mess. Maybe tomorrow we’ll head over to the Chattahoochee river for a nice run. It’s a very peaceful way to start the day.

It doesn’t matter whether I have my Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of October, or at the end of November; when we sit down for our little Thursday dinner this week, I’ll express gratitude for all of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me – for my family, husband, friends, opportunities and health.

And thanks to you for stopping in to read the bits and pieces of my life. Full of Thanks.



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