Last weekend I spent some time with a glass of wine, casually making up a list of things to do before the holidays. Given that it was Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas seemed weeks and weeks away.

So yesterday I pulled out the list and started strategizing. Holy crap – Christmas is in 20 days! While that sounds like plenty of time, almost all of my gifts go to Canada so that means they have to be found, purchased, wrapped, packed and shipped (including filling out the long-form for Customs) by next weekend. Worse still, I’ve got gifts to sew! Those whose families live within driving distance have no idea how good they have it. It’s not just the time, it’s the cost. More than once I’ve spent $75 to ship a parcel that was worth half of that. Parcel service is a racket. Remember those days of sending something parcel post and paying a few bucks? Long gone …

How am I going to accomplish all of this stuff? (Little voice : “Get off the computer, Janine.”) Two weekends to shop, sew, wrap, pack and ship. Plus shop for people in Atlanta, get the nails done, do some socializing, workout, and go to work every day.

Once I get all of the shopping done today (my target is 2 pm today – ha ha ha!) I have to start sewing gifts, then clothes for me for our holiday. Apparently I was delusional last month when I decided to sew a skirt, two tops and a bathing suit. They say the bathing suit pattern is easy. Better make a backup plan, girl!

Postman at ChristmasIt may sound old fashioned, but I do still send out Christmas cards, so that’s an evening (with a glass of wine 😉 )  I only send to my elderly relatives, a few far flung friends, and the great nieces & nephews. The very young and very old like getting things in the mail. For the rest of us, the mail is just bills or catalogues!

Probably the easy part is going to be the neighbourhood Bunco party here. It’s pot luck, so I just need a white elephant gift, some wine, and a quick tidy. Entertaining these ladies is easy because they don’t expect perfection, just fun company.

Enough panicking and blogging about how little time I have. Time to get to it!


3 thoughts on “Wait – How many days til Christmas?!

  1. Ah yes, imagine how much time we’d all have if we finally got off these computers… But yeah, I get what you mean – I did that all 2 weeks ago as I also ship stuff overseas to friends and family, so it had to be done in time. I would never do that from home or I’d get broke – I’m lucky enough to have the German border a few hours drive from here so it’s surely worth shipping stuff from there, it costs 1/3 of what it costs over here, and I love sending things out to make people happy. Lucky me I don’t have a sewing machine (yet) so no stress about that 😀 I hope you get your things done in time and specially though – enjoy making them and don’t stress yourself too much about it ❤

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