The last three weeks were overwhelming. Once again, I procrastinated and gave myself a huge list of things to do and not not enough  time. Add to that the busiest time of the year at work and I was walking around with my shoulders up around my ears. 

This morning we packed up and headed to the airport. Leaving the cats is hugely stressful for me. Scratch that, leaving the house is stressful. I’ve got a little checking problem … check doors, windows, faucets, windows again, electrical outlets, doors again. And if I don’t concentrate (was that window really locked?) I have to start all over again. It took G years to learn to live with this and more than once I’ve worked myself into tears over leaving the house while he sat in the car, engine running, fingers drumming on the dashboard, waiting for me to finish my obsession. Today was calmer. I worked at being mindful of what I was doing and left plenty of time to work my way through the house. We were dropping the kitties at the spa on the way to the airport (code name for the kennel at the vets) so there wasn’t the fear that I locked one of them in a closet. G even helped with a few things (although I still checked myself after).

My tension doesn’t begin to abate until I pull out our passports and we get through Security. (Is my passport in my purse? Did I drop it on the floor when I checked for it? Where are my keys?!) Atlanta’s airport is pretty much generally accepted as the busiest in the world and when we arrived, the security lines snaked through the corridors and baggage claim area. One of G’s stresses is being at the gate plenty early, so his blood pressure was up, too. In spite of the crowds we made it through in plenty of time, and I was appreciative of the TSA agent who was dealing with clueless/stressed travelers by making good natured jokes. It can’t be a good time of year to work at the airport.  Once at the gate I checked my to-do list, ordered flowers for my sister and a friend, and sent cash to a niece. On the plane I wrote my US Christmas cards. Then, first vacation drink in hand, I toasted G, thanked him for the gift of a holiday, and felt my shoulders fall back into place.

As with every Christmas, what’s done is done, and that which is not done won’t be missed. The gifts are made or bought, wrapped and shipped. Cards are in the mail. Party has taken place. Well wishes sent.

My little bag (is 49 pounds little?) contains not only a mini Christmas tree and lights, but also the swimsuit I actually managed to sew and a top I made in 3 hours on Thursday night. The cat hats aren’t done, but wool, needles and instructions are in my suitcase. What better way to spend time in the sun?

Merry Christmas to all.  Hope the holiday season brings you great joy, and peace for all of us individually, and for our world.


Holiday party at work. How cute are these marshmallow snowmen?
Cookies and milk … I could go for this every afternoon. I was going to say that this is from my party, but I’m not that creative.
Florida workout. Pedal for your rum!
Love seeing bits of Christmas everywhere.

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