Yup – I know it’s Tuesday. And I also know that I haven’t done a weekly Round-Up for quite a while, but it is January and that means it is time to get back into routines. Two blog posts a week are on my calendar!

Show Biz

Each January my company puts on an expensive, heavily-orchestrated, tightly scheduled kickoff meeting and I’m one of two organizers. The three-day event was last week, and prior to that it consumed every minute of my working day since the beginning of November. There was so much to do that I actually worked late on New Year’s Eve (aren’t I the party girl!). The event went well, very well, and those of us who put on the show are feeling pretty pleased, but completely exhausted.

Towards the end of the event someone complimented me on its organization and I told them that it was really just like kids putting on a show in the basement. And that’s my philosophy on big or small events. It’s all show business – even just having someone over for tea on a cold winter day. Mood, experience, entertainment … leave them wanting more!

A Quilt

IMG_2133One of my nieces has four children, with the youngest born just before Christmas. The oldest, a very sweet and diligent young lady of 10, is quite responsible and a bit serious. There isn’t any extra money, and I know that there’s little that just belongs to her. When I visited home last summer she asked me if I would make her a quilt. Of course I was happy to oblige. I’m not a quilter, but years ago I discovered a super easy pattern that takes just a few hours from start to finish. It’s called the Six Hour Quilt, but for me it’s the Twelve Hour Quilt. Tomorrow it will go off in the mail and I hope she likes the melange of purples (her favourite colour!). I love projects like this … start to finish in a weekend.

Thursday Nights, Sunday Afternoons and Sunday Nights

I was so excited about football season last August that I wrote a whole blog piece about it. Sadly, my team had a horrible season, making me question my NFL fandom for (more than) just a moment. Still, I watched every one of their games, plus the TV was tuned to football on Sunday afternoons and Thursday, Sunday and some Monday nights  (Monday is always a coin toss whether I should watch Castle or football. Speaking of which, what did they do to Castle? Either bring Kate back or cancel it.). Each January I feel a bit lost when football ends. What to do on Sunday afternoons? This week I scanned through the usual channels – Food Network, ME TV and HGTV. I eventually got sucked in to a movie on the Lifetime Movie Network. As much as I want to say the movie was horrible (it was just horribly predictable), it was actually entertaining. In spite of that, I think I’ll have to invest in a speaker in the sewing room so I can listen to something more enlightening.

Winter in Atlanta


I found a new use for quilt batting scraps! Pretty sad when this is how you keep your entryway warm. I don’t recall having to do this in Canada.

In our house we  measure the cold by the number of kitties in the bed. Last night was a two-kitty night. Tonight will be, too! The forecasters mentioned the phrase “Winter Storm Warning” earlier today and the whole city is in a tizzy. Not me. If the entire southeast shuts down I can still walk to and from work. But if the worst does happen, I think I’ll probably just stay home, drink hot chocolate (and peppermint schnapps) and have a two-kitty day, too.


3 thoughts on “RoundUp ~ 19-Jan-16

  1. Love it. We have a three kitty day/night every night, whether we want it or not. I am always amazed st how much room a cat can take up and the strength with which they can move you out of the way. I guess I should be grateful they let us into bed. Maybe they discuss whether it is a one human or two human kind of a night.. Hm

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