G has a new hobby: Baking.

He’s trying to spend less time on the computer or binge watching Netflix, thus he’s at loose ends. I’ve tried to interest him in sewing, but for some reason that holds no appeal!

So he’s spending his time in the kitchen, which is a good thing because while I’m a good cook, he’s a great cook. He doesn’t mind making a mess, or tackling a recipe with 23 ingredients and just as many steps.

This chilly January weekend he made 3 loaves of bread (sandwich bread, wheat bread, and cinnamon raisin bread), cornbread, a huge tray of lasagna, and a big pot of chili.

 On Saturday I was craving these cheese buns that are only made in at Glamorgan Bakery in Calgary (or at least that’s the only place I’ve found them). So he set to work recreating them for breakfast on Sunday morning. They were good, but not quite right, so he has taken this as a challenge to re-create those cheese buns. We ate the six testers.

Last week I started on a new “change your way of eating for life” plan so I can lose weight. Part of this new program is eating when you’re hungry, and the aroma of cinnamon bread in the oven seems to override the lack of hunger pains.

But I’m not about to suggest he hangs up his apron 😉 Now if I can only find a way to interest him in laundry …


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