Indulge me as I reminisce about my day from hell, exactly two years ago today.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014:

Most of us know how to drive in Atlanta, just not on a couple of inches of ice when every registered vehicle in the city hits the roller coaster roads at the same time. Maybe in future we should listen when the forecasters say there is a Winter Storm Warning.

12:28 pm – Out the back window of my office. Pretty snow, but it’s ice pellets. I hear it pinging off the eaves.


3:27 PM. Interstates are jammed so I take the back roads. Five miles in, six miles to go. I should be home in time to feed the kitties a late dinner.
8:30 pm. Ditch the car on the street? I’m 2 blocks from a liquor store, Waffle House, and most importantly a side street that I know I can navigate if it isn’t filled with cars. I hang on.
10:41 pm. I let out a little sob and a huge prayer of thanks when I pull into my garage. So grateful to have a good car with great traction control. Years of driving in Canada help.
11:00 pm. All is well in my world. Pour another martini and hang out with the kitties. Two blocks away, the highways are still jammed.

The morning after. Pretty, isn’t it? 


  1. First sign your employer does not care: The office manager rolls her eyes when you ask if the office is going to close early. An hour later she begrudgingly tells us we can go if we really think it’s necessary. Did you know that you can dictate your resume and cover letters by using the handsfree option on your car Bluetooth?
  2. Always carry a car charger for your phone.
  3. Waze does not give good traffic guidance if the whole city is gridlocked.


Tuesday night. All those folks trying to get through downtown.
Several of my friends sat in this for 8-18 hours.  Good times.




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