This was practice what you preach week.

I rarely get colds but when I do they’re usually bad and I wind up with bronchitis and laryngitis. Working in a cubicle farm, germs float around freely, infecting all. When people start hacking, sneezing and coughing I’ve been known to wear those infectious disease face masks just to make a point. Honestly, there’s nothing that makes me crazier than a coworker who insists on coming in to the office when they’re sick. I work for a telecommunications company for God’s sake and we sell the tools that others use to work remotely. No need to bring your germs to the office and share them with me.

So this week when I got a  cold my boss told me to stay home. Part of me wanted to argue that I wasn’t really sick enough to stay home, but another part was relieved. So Friday I stayed home and slept almost all day. I don’t know why I always feel compelled to behave like a martyr and work when I’m sick, but then previous employers haven’t been so understanding. I’m once again reminded that I’m fortunate to work where I do.

Personal Chef

G was home all week so I only had to venture into the kitchen when the dinner bell rang. (We don’t actually have a dinner bell, but my mom did!). Fresh Cod cakes with potato wedges, Turkey and ricotta burgers, steak, roasted potatoes … and Beef and Broccoli that was better than PF Changs. We bought lottery tickets yesterday. If we win, we’re moving into a house with a huge kitchen and he can cook all the time.


I made a top this weekend and it turned out really well. That’s not something I’d normally say, but this time I feel pretty proud of the final product.

This sewing thing is forcing me to realize that I need to focus on developing new skills and then practicing techniques until I become proficient. At the first of the year I drew up a list of specific skills I need to learn in order to take my sewing to the next step. Other than learning new software, I don’t think I’ve made learning a priority since I finished university. How sad is that?

Am I the only one who quit learning once they had a degree in hand?


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