I truly don’t like to bitch and moan online, but sometimes you just have to.

This morning I had an early-morning appointment in Midtown and wound up in a big parkade.  I was back in the car at 8:40 and ready to head back out to the burbs.

Put the car in reverse, check carefully (those yoga stretches help to keep the back limber so I can actually do a full shoulder check in the car), see no cars coming, inch out carefully. HONNNKKKK. Slam on the brakes. Let the really important man in Lexus fly past. Look again, no cars coming, pull out about a foot. HONNNNKKKKK again, this time it’s a guy in a Toyota.


We’ve lived all over this continent and it seems that only in Atlanta is the one backing out expected to yield to someone they can’t see. This type of parking lot aggression takes place everywhere except the parkade here at work, because you may well wind up sitting across the conference room table from the person you just honked at.

For a moment there I thought I was delusional to expect the courtesy of allowing me to back out when I’m clearly fighting a blind spot the size of a car. So I did a really quick internet search.

Hey! That’s my booty: If someone is reversing out of a parking space, they can’t see you, and you clearly can see them (and their backup lights). Just stop, wait and smell the roses. And please, don’t slam on your brakes and glare when someone’s backing out. They’re not trying to tick you off. They’re just trying to back out in a busy parking lot. Exercise a little kindness and patience.
Read more at https://www.cars.com/articles/a-guide-to-parking-lot-etiquette–1420680844372/#DPkfoPEuiQwjIX8x.99

I’m adding a Hummer to my wish list for when we win the lottery. And then I’ll take all the time I want reversing out of a parking space.


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