It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Yaaaay! Well, not really. My team isn’t playing so that makes it much less interesting. All I hope for is a good game, not a blowout, and that Peyton Manning goes out with a roar.

Knits Sewing Workshop

So, I know a great deal about sewing, but don’t actually know how to actually do a lot of the things that I know about. As I have this goal to learn new skills this year, and become proficient in sewing, I signed up for a sewing workshop sponsored by the local chapter of the American Sewing Guild.

The event, on Friday evening and Saturday, wound up being a rewarding experience for me. The instructor really knew her stuff and was so generous with her time and talents, and very patient with someone like me who needs to see something, attempt it, then have it checked before I feel confident enough to move forward. (That’s completely different from how I behaved when I was in school and I flat out refused to ask for help.) I finished the weekend with a jacket that can be worn now, and a top for when Spring arrives. Both look about 100 times better than anything I’ve made before, so I’m really, really pleased.

McCall’s 7323 in ITY

There were about 40 ladies at the event (men don’t sew?) and they extended a warm welcome. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences joining groups where the members are well-entrenched, and on more than one occasion I’ve been told, “we don’t want anyone new” (yes, that’s a quote), so it was nice to not feel like an interloper. As much as I’m apt to jump into group activities and you could say that I’m a ‘joiner’, I usually regret it almost immediately after committing to anything (well, except for this husband). So we’ll see how this goes. Part of me just likes being on my own. Perhaps that’s a bit weird, but better to have figured this out at this stage of my life, than never at all.

It’s not what you eat, it’s how and when you eat

Almost three weeks ago I started on a new eating program. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. (Yeah, how many times have we heard that?) Anyway, it’s going surprisingly well but I’m not confident enough to blog much about it yet. Suffice it to say that I’m starting to really buy into the idea that I can eat anything.

Kitten Bowl

“Am I not cute because I’m no longer a kitten?”

This afternoon I watched the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark. So much cuteness in one place! Mr G ‘s nose got out of joint because he wasn’t the center of attention, so he hung out on the stairs and just looked dejected. He will always be the MVP of our Kitten Bowl.




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