This week Atlanta’s temperatures were about 15 degrees above average, so the upper 70s. For a couple of nights I tried to make do with open windows and ceiling fans, but by Saturday the pollen did me in. The switch on the thermostat was knocked over from Heat to Cool – on March 10th. That’s just too early!

Friends in Minnesota and Canada are cheering an early Spring, but not me. Spring is my favourite season, with cool nights and warm days. Walk to work in a jacket and then peel off layers throughout the day. Sit outside for lunch and turn your face to the sun, soaking Vitamin D into pasty winter skin.

Last week I was wearing boots, and this week I pulled out the sandals and sleeveless tops. The forecaster says a cold front in coming but once Spring has been released, it can’t be tethered. Here in the south, Spring is always too short … if we’re lucky, a few weeks between freezing and 80+ degrees. Right after that comes the 90s, and worse still, 90% humidity.

Hand-in-hand with the warm weather is pollen. The past week I’ve had the worst environmental reactions ever. Headache, scratchy throat, coughing. All of the allergy medications on the market make me drowsy so tomorrow I’m making an appointment with the acupuncturist, for my “spring tuneup” and I’ll also try the allergy treatment (which I believe means spending an hour looking like I have whiskers in my face). I did some research on acupuncture for allergies and apparently some of those same needle locations can have cosmetic applications to lessen wrinkles and sagging … hmmmmm – allergy treatment and face lift all in one? I’ll take it!

Nature Walk

Since my employer  moved into its new building there have been rumours that one can walk from our campus to the big mall in about 10 minutes via a path through the woods. This week I went adventuring and found the path. It’s a bit rough, but manageable as long as you aren’t in heels. After walking maybe 200 yards from our building you head over a hill and trek for maybe another 200 yards along Georgia clay and pine straw, then cross about an 8-foot wide creek by stepping on big stones. Traversing the creek is a toppled over tree trunk that has formed a quasi hand rail. The day I went over another woman was crossing the creek in front of me. She stopped dead in the middle of the creek and said, ‘is that a snake skin?’  I walked over and leaned in.  Yup. A big snake skin, hanging over the tree trunk. Probably 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter.

When I got home that night I pulled up images of Georgia snakes and to me, it looked like a Corn Snake, an Eastern Hognose, Northern Watersnake or a venomous Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin. After seeing that, I think I’ll continue to drive to the mall.

Any snake experts out there who can tell me what shed its skin?



Girls’ Night at the Pottery Studio

Last weekend five of us, all former co-workers, went out for pottery painting and dinner. Today I picked up my completed piece and I must say that I’m pleased. Here’s my little jug, that I’ll probably use as a flower vase.


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