Edible Arrangements bouquet 

Happy Easter! We are going non traditional here for Sunday. No Easter bunnies or malted milk eggs in this house! I did receive a gift of one of those Edible Arrangements this week, and that was our sugar extravagance. There’s a lovely little independent chocolate shop beside the grocery store and I was so tempted to go in and buy a basket of foil wrapped eggs and perfect little bunnies and chicks but I stayed strong! Five minutes of eating pleasure isn’t worth the sadness that will come when I hit the scale.

The Kitchen Remodel

This week I went from the exhilaration of the decision being made, to the reality of finding contractors, determining the scope of work, and the very delicate dance that is going to ensue between Miss Impatient and Mr ‘Let’s Look All the Options Again and Maybe I Can Do It Myself.’

I contacted friends and neighbours for recommendations and 3 of 4 came back with the same name. But I know that this guy takes MONTHS to do the most simple job. He spent 3 months doing a small master bath. That’s not going to work for me.

As a first step to alleviate some of the clutter on the countertops, G decided to change out the shelving and storage in the pantry. Frankly, I wasn’t happy about him starting on a Friday night at 9 pm. He had to rip out everyone, strip the lovely 1979 pineapple wallpaper off the walls, paint, repair the ceiling, then put up the new shelving. In the end, he had the pantry done with everything put away by 5 pm (and he went for a 45 minute run this morning). In that time I’d only managed to half-sew a very simple purse (and spend about an hour at the fabric store).  So loads of apologies around from me for doubting him.


We’re off on a quick cruise next week with our good friends. Sun and the Caribbean … Could there be a better Spring Break?

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Sending you wishes for a day that brings you renewal and hope.


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