Spring Break

We went on a 5-night cruise last week, our third cruise in 5 months. I think I’m a little bit burnt out on cruises – didn’t go to a single show or participate in any of the ‘fun’ activities offered. But it could also be that there were so many kids and teens around that the pool, theatre and bars weren’t exactly peaceful.

Early Morning Cozumel from Celebrity Constellation
Cozumel from an early morning walk onboard the ship


Compared to past holidays, I ate completely differently (working to stay on my NS program) and wound up gaining just 1.4 pounds, which is actually amazing considering how many cocktails I consumed. But I avoided desserts several days, and there were zero visits to the buffet for pizza or afternoon scones. Every day I made a point to walk for at least half an hour first thing, and averaged about 13,000 steps a day. It would be pretty pitiful if I couldn’t manage to walk on the ship in the brilliant sunshine and warm Caribbean air.

Welcome to the Beach!


Nachi Cocum beach break in Cozumel


Twice daily Cafe Lattes have no calories, right?


It was a nice break but for whatever reason I felt unsettled all week, and still now that I’m home again. Before I went out on holiday I interviewed for a different job at work and I think that’s weighing on me. While I’m absolutely not unhappy in my current role, I am a bit ambitious and this would be a step or two up. Still, I’m just not sure if this is the right thing to do.


When Travelmate Sheet Mask
When Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask

 DIY Facial

My small souvenir was a package of 5 When Bio-Cellulose masks from Korea that I found in a makeup shop.  Since I had a fair bit of sun for the past week, I applied a Travelmate mask last night. It felt cold, sticky and gooey for the 30 minutes of application time. But this morning my face felt wonderful – as good as after an expensive facial. I think these could become a habit!


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