On Tuesday night I sat down with my notebook and wrote out a list of things that need to be done in the next several weeks. April and May will be crazy this year!

Most pressing is our teeny, tiny garden. Here in the south we have a small window of Spring when one can plant – usually there are a scant few weeks when new plants can settle in, send out tender new roots and mature a tiny bit before the heat of summer arrives. I’m sick of having to rip out roots to plant anything in the small garden beds so am throwing in the towel and only planting in pots … I’ve joined the container gardener crew.

G has requested an herb garden for all of his culinary creations. Do squirrels like parsley and basil?

Satisfied Kitties

Last Saturday I planted cat grass seeds in one of the terrariums. Today there was the first harvest. Yes, today. Seven days later. That is a satisfying planting experience!

That’s amazing grass growth!


The seed envelope says to give the cats just a few minutes to eat the grass, lest they puke it up on the carpet, so they had about three minutes before the terrarium was closed up. About two minutes later Baby G figured out where the grass went. Good thing glass (and wet soil) is heavy or I think she’d have taken the lid off.

Halcion Days

On Monday I had the second round of osseous surgery at the periodontist. Once again, I had to take a Halcion the night before, then another an hour before the surgery. Holy moly – was I OUT. I vaguely remember being told to open my mouth a bit more, and asking to stop in the washroom on the way out, but nothing more. Don’t remember G driving home, don’t remember getting home – nothing from 8 am to 2 pm. I hope I was nice, and I didn’t say anything horrible to the dental assistant or dentist. Not that it’s in my nature to say horrible things, but it is really strange to not recall many hours.

Endless Combinations

Pattern Review is running an ‘Endless Combinations’ contest right now. Start with one garment, the next matches the first garment, the third garment matches the second, and so on. Last weekend I bought enough fabric for 5 different items, and this week I sewed a top, a belt and a skirt. I’m really happy with how these three items turned out. Once G takes some photos I’ll post a review on Pattern Review.

My theme is clothing that I can take when we head over to the U.K. in 4 weeks. I’m not a jeans and t-shirt person. When we travel I like to look polished. Truly, I dress better when we travel than on weekends at home.

Visitors and everything else

My mom and eldest sister are coming from Calgary for a visit in two weeks, so that means the massive house cleaning will take place. Post “Life Changing Magic”, this isn’t too daunting, but it’s still a few hours of work. (Thank you again, Marie Kondo!)  After the basic kitchen & bathroom stuff is the windows. Those Georgia Pines are stately and beautiful, but they leave a layer of yellow pollen on everything – cars, windows, outdoor furniture.

The weekend before my mom and sister arrive we have a camping weekend … so that means no sewing or house work. I’m seriously thinking about taking a sewing machine with me … would that be weird?

My Peachtree training is non-existent. Granted, I was supposed to avoid strenuous exercise for the first few days after the surgery, so I guess that means tomorrow will be a workout day.


It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks!

What do you have planned for April?



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