I seem to have caught a case of short-timers disease!

About two years ago I started my job with a great company, a large, family-owned private company that truly cares for its employees (reasonable pay, flexible hours, comfortable offices, beautiful gyms, subsidized cafeterias with excellent food). From the top down, there is a strong culture that demands that people and the organization behave respectfully. It’s not uncommon to discover that someone left the company because, “they didn’t live the company values,” meaning they treated people poorly, or were impossible to deal with. The company works hard to find ways to keep people within the ‘family’ for their entire career. Yes, even Millennials!

So why would I want to leave?

Well, I don’t … but I’m ready for something new.

In my initial interview a couple of years ago, I remember one of my bosses saying, “If you want to try something new in a couple of years, we would never hold you back.”

As I’ve discovered, they practice what they preach. There is a whole section on company intranet providing tips on how to search jobs, tools for personal and professional development, advice on how to advise your current supervisor if you want to apply for other roles, plus information on determining your career goals.


Courtesy: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Job_satisfaction

So in two weeks I’m starting a new job, and with it joining a different subsidiary and moving to another building on the same campus. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, because I do. And it’s not that I dislike my current bosses and coworkers, because I don’t. I like my current job enough that I’m setting up close friends to interview because it’s a good job, working for decent people. Unlike my experience with specific other employers, this isn’t a “screw you, I’m leaving” scenario.


 “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”

A couple of months ago I spent time contemplating my Vital Needs, and this is one of those things I need if I’m going to feel fulfilled.


Vital Needs

There it is – number 3 – Variety of Experiences. New experiences, new challenges, and my brain receptors firing. It’s not just good for my mind, it’s important for my soul.

So this week I’m deleting files on my computer and creating a fantastic reference manual for my successor. Next week I’ll clean out my drawers and carry my box of stuff and junk to my new desk.

Along the way I’m thinking about what I want to be different … what bad habits need to be changed when I have my fresh new start. There are always things that can be improved, or old habits that can be tossed.

Until then, I’m feeling like a short timer, coming in a few minutes late (well, later than usual), and sneaking out a few minutes early. I’m still enough of a good girl to make up the time over lunch hour, and because I’m not leaving this company my boss keeps reminding me, “I can still give you a lousy reference!”

But there’s a sense of anticipation that is building. And I’m feeling anxiety – but it’s the good kind – the kind that is worth embracing.



2 thoughts on “Short-Timer’s Disease!

  1. I can so relate to every word!! I arrive at work before most everyone else…and I’m the first one out the door at 5…..And every single day I have to make it past all those faces still working that look at me as if they’re saying “where do you think you’re going” ….I smile and tell them to have a great evening and keep trucking!

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