Word got out that I’m changing jobs, which meant many people kindly called or came by to congratulate me, or asked me to keep them in mind in the event I hear of an opening over at my new job.

What I always find fascinating  about the period between resigning and leaving a job is not the outpouring of affection, it’s the crickets from some people. You know, the dead air …  A few people that I work very closely with have said nothing. And that’s absolutely fine, just surprising. Anyone else experience the realization that work friends aren’t real friends once you put in your notice?

Sew and sew

This week I made a blouse (first in decades!), a pair of trousers, and am part way through a top which would have been done tonight if I hadn’t gotten all teary eyed over Call the Midwife.

Peachtree Training

I did a training run! Only 5k, and slow, but it really felt physically okay. I’m now about 15 pounds lighter than I was last time I ran 5k so I suspect that helps. Maybe it’s time to put on an HRM to see if my heart is stronger. I’m back doing the Galloway Run/Walk/Run method, and my time includes 3-minute warm-up and cool-down walks, so it isn’t quite as pitiful as it appears … The goal is a 12-minute mile by 4th of July. That means I have to start hauling my butt out of bed in the morning and hit the streets by 6 a.m. three days a week … yup … good times.


A good friend’s mother passed away on Wednesday night. Alzheimer’s has claimed another victim. Her mother was mentally sharp until about 3 years ago, then the decline came in jolts, like an elevator dropping floors. First she just needed a bit of help with the finances, then the floor dropped and she needed in-home care, then another bump down and she needed 24 hour supervision, and then finally the big drop when she couldn’t stay in her own home. My friend and I spoke last Friday and her biggest concern was getting her kids ready for prom. Today was her mother’s funeral. Apparently something dramatic happened in the last week.

Alzheimer’s is truly such a cruel disease. And now they say that Benadryl may be a contributing factor. I find myself wondering how many times I’ve taken Tylenol PM just to get a decent sleep. We have two Costco sized bottles in the medicine cupboard. A former coworker’s mother took 4 a night, every night, to sleep. Chamomile Tea looks awfully appealing again. I pray they find a cure for dementia soon.


Flowers in our front garden
Our front garden bed looks pretty darned good this Spring!



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