A whirlwind of activity. Maybe not for someone who has a life or kids, but for me, May and the first week of June have been busy!

Family Ties

There was the visit from my mom and eldest sister (all went fine, thank you very much). We spent a lot of time drinking coffee and visiting. My sister refuses to drive so while I was at work they read five years worth of Real Simple magazines. I started my new job while they were visiting, so I couldn’t exactly cut out to spend time with them.

Timing is never right, is it?

London Town

DSC_0109Then there was London, which I briefly chronicled here. I love London. I’d live there in a split second. Had I made one different decision in about 1982 I would have lived there. Two roads …

The only downside to that trip was its timing. I’ve now used most of my PTO for the year, and it’s only the first week of June. I wonder how the new boss feels about time off without pay?

The New Job

The new job is good. I like my boss and the people I work with. After spending a couple of years with sales and marketing, I’m back with finance people and I think this is a better fit. Right now, it’s all very interesting and exciting, and there is a lot to learn. That fills two of my Vital Needs — projects, and learning new things.

The Kitchen Renovation

A couple of months ago we threw in the towel on our home search and decided to renovate the kitchen instead. We interviewed two different kitchen contractors. One has given us a scope of work and estimate. They other has some family issues so isn’t able to do the job. The estimate we received is high, about 15% higher than I expected. But we know this guy’s work and have glowing recommendations from people we know well.

The contractor was scheduled to come out this morning to provide us with a detailed scope of work, but then yesterday we went under contract for a house!

sold signYup – after looking at over 200 houses (that is not an exaggeration) in the past 5 years, we finally found one that has almost everything on our list (just missing the main floor master) – it’s newer, needs no renovations, but just some paint. There’s a screened porch for us (and the kitties), a huge kitchen, a finished basement, just a little bit of a garden (not an acre to mow), a real laundry room, and it’s only a mile further from work.

This morning we talked about things we would put into that house that wouldn’t fit into this townhouse. G wants a pizza oven, a treadmill and a media room. I have always wanted a baby grand piano, and there’s a nice space for one in the formal living room (bonus being that we wouldn’t need to buy another suite of furniture that we would never use). Then I’d like a dedicated sewing room with a huge cutting table, space for both machines, and room to store just enough fabric neatly. It will be a challenge to keep Marie Kondo’s teaching in the forefront of my mind when we move into a larger home, but I’m determined to leave closets empty!

Anyway, the kitchen renovation has morphed into a moving project. I hate to say it because I’m afraid of jinxing something, but I’m a little bit excited 🙂

Peachtree 10k

Did my 4-miles last Saturday and it was okay, in spite of the early summer heat. I’m about a minute faster per mile than last year, and that’s only because I’m more serious than I was then. This weekend is 5-miles. Ugh. Why do I do this when I hate it so?

Pets on a Diet

“Don’t make me take a pill!”

Ever since our Tuxedo kitty passed away last year, our 14-year old male cat has been losing weight. They grew up together and were thick as thieves so it seems like he lost his appetite. On top of that, he has long hair and tends to get hairballs, and then he also eats really fast so sometimes pukes up his dinner. Yuk. This is nothing new, but he vet was a bit concerned about his weight loss. She ran some tests and found nothing wrong, so we then went over his behaviour. She thinks he may have acid reflux, so this week he started getting Prilosec once a day. So far, so good!

How was your week?


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