This week was absolutely swallowed up by a morass of paperwork surrounding the house purchase. Inspection, shopping for a mortgage, getting a mortgage, cancelling a mortgage (yes, someone we never spoke to, who did not represent us, decided to apply for a mortgage for us. WTF), home insurance, earnest money, negotiations, appraisals. Ugh.

The first time I applied for a mortgage it took me 15 minutes on the phone. Now, after the housing meltdown of 2008, it takes a ream of paper, 5 gb email attachments, a couple of dozen signatures, and many hours. (Speaking of mortgage meltdown, if you haven’t seen The Big Short – see it, if only for the educational value. But it’s also pretty entertaining.)

We’re still in the due diligence phase, but are starting to feel a tad more confident. Fingers are still crossed, but we need the appraisal to come back with a value close to our purchase price.

Then will come the fun of packing!


G planted herbs a couple of weeks ago and has his first harvest. The cat nip is hanging far away from prying claws.

A garment in 3.5 hours?

After watching the Great British Sewing Bee, I was all inspired to try to make a garment in 3.5 hours.

Tuesday evening I rushed home from work and started working on a summer tunic  (Simplicity 1466) in a bright coloured pique. I figured I’d need an hour to cut, then could get the bulk of the work done in 2.5 hours.

Not even close. It took me almost 3 hours to cut out the pattern, then cut the fabric, then mark the fabric. There were 14 pieces, 7 of which are interfaced! (Lesson: choose a simple pattern if you’re trying to be speedy.)

So on Tuesday I decided to try the same challenge, except using a much simpler pattern. I still had a couple of yards of the pique, so went with a simple A-line skirt (McCalls 3341). As I started to lay out the pattern pieces I heard Patrick, May and Esme in my head, “you didn’t match the pattern!” so I figured I’d try. An A-line skirt should be easy, right? Not at all. The pattern repeats every 22″ on the vertical, but every 27.5″ on the horizontal, which made it impossible to match with the fabric I had on hand.

The skirt was finished last night, and I put in my first-ever lining. The pattern doesn’t match up except for in one small place on the back seam. I made it a size smaller than I’m wearing right now, so it’s wearable, but the waist sits quite high. The plan is to fit into it by 4th of July.

The tunic is partially done. I like the design so am glad I decided not to rush through it. And now that I look at it, I wish I’d been able to match the pattern. Oh well …





Did 5.4 miles of Galloway method training (including warm up and cool down walk) yesterday morning along the Chattahoochee. I’m a good 2 weeks off my training plan, but I completely feel like I could do the 10k. I’m already on pace to be about 8-10 minutes faster than last year (famous last words). It’s already bloody hot here (94F today), so at least we’ll be acclimated to the temperature.





Baby G sits on the end of the bed, right in the breeze of the air conditioner.



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