Right, I’m going to wish myself a happy birthday. I don’t think it’s narcissistic, I’m just taking a moment to commemorate the occasion.

I’m not a fan of spectacles for one’s birthday (at least not mine), but in spite of my protestations, I do take a bit of joy from people wishing me happy returns of the day.

I’m on my own this year. G is traveling, I don’t have a lot of close friends, and I’m in a new job, so it’s very low key. A friend was reminded by Facebook, then sent me the most lovely bouquet of flowers. I do love flowers! Then a few of the women I work with showed up with a small cake and card. I swore up and down that I wouldn’t eat the cake as I’m still off sugar, but what the hell. I brought it home and will likely scrape off all the icing tonight with a big old spoon and eat every bite.

This year is a big birthday – 55. What happened to the last 30 years? I have very vivid memories of turning 18, then 25 (and the 25 shots that they lined up on the bar), and there are pictures of my 30th, but what happened between then and now? When I look in the mirror I still see a 28 year old, but there are little things coming up that make me think I’m aging. For example, I can’t listen to two conversations at once any more. If I’m watching a TV show and someone talks to me, I have to mute the TV to concentrate on the conversation. And I find myself harrumphing – more at old people than young people, but I seem to get exasperated more than I used to. And my hair colour and skin aren’t what they once were.  Last Friday I had a crazy expensive facial and it didn’t magically make me appear younger, as used to be the case 10 years ago. Sigh.

This week I’ve thought of things I want to do differently in the future, and I’ve come up with 2 particular behaviours.

First, I’m going to wear skirts even though my legs are horrible. I like skirts and dresses and if my pins don’t look like those of a model, that will no longer stop me.

Second, I’m deliberately going to loosen Social Media’s grip on me. Yesterday I didn’t spend one minute on the internet and you know what? I didn’t miss anything.

One final thought, as I drove home from work today I listened to my music on my iPhone. I’ve got about over a thousand songs saved, everything from Debussy to George Strait to Pitbull. I switched on random play and as I was pulling into the garage, Dean Martin came on, singing the one song my dad used to sing to me when I was young.  I sat in the car and cried because I knew it was a special wish from him. Silly, but it made my day and my birthday.


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