First Sunday evening in our new house. I’d like to say that all has gone so smoothly, but that would be an enormous lie.

We were supposed to take possession of the house tomorrow night at 5 pm, but the previous owners were gone on Friday morning. Great! We can get in early! Not great. The movers aren’t available until Tuesday morning.

Which meant that G, being the hardest working man in North America, rented an 18-foot truck Friday afternoon and loaded up about the whole kitchen plus a lot of other stuff, and we spent Friday night in the new house on an inflatable bed. Perfectly comfie and we are thrilled to be here 🙂

Without going into details and spiking my blood pressure:

  • The cleaners hired by the previous owners cleaned nothing. There was a contractual obligation to have the house cleaned … And it wasn’t. 
  • Comcast Cable sucks and I hate them.
  • My networking class at university finally came in handy when I figured out why the cable didn’t work. Comcast owes me two hours of consulting time.
  • The upstairs air conditioning unit is on strike. It was 94f/33c today. Our home warranty hasn’t kicked in yet. We are now sleeping in the basement of the new house.
  • A year of personal training has paid off. Yes! I can lift a box of cast iron pans and carry it down a flight of stairs.
  • I quit swearing like a sailor several years ago, but this weekend it all came back just like riding a bike. Don’t f’ing test me!

We still have to get through moving the furniture and selling our other house so we’re not exactly in the clear, but right now, sitting on the screened porch with a strong vodka something, I can say that every moment of fatigue, anger and frustration is worth it because we are in a house we love. In spite of the mess, G has baked a loaf of bread and is just finishing dinner in the massive kitchen. We keep asking ourselves, ‘why we didn’t do this years ago?’

And the kitties, well we always promised them a screened porch 🙂


3 thoughts on “Just keep moving

  1. I’m just catching up with loads of blog reading and it is lovely to see your pictures. Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while – life… Love the porch and those cats are gorgeous! Hope you are settling in well and I look forward to reading more x

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