There’s a lot going on with the sale of our old house, and not all of it is good. I’ve got drafts of blog posts bemoaning all of the issues but I’m afraid to hit ‘post’ because they all focus on what is going wrong, and to say it ‘out loud’ would give too much credence to negative energy.

Plus I’m afraid attorneys may be involved at some point and I don’t want to come to regret something I’ve posted publicly. (See kids, you not only have to be careful of the pictures you post, you have to be careful of your own words!)

We are really and truly in the the new house. There are a few pieces of furniture still staging the old place, and the good china still has to go into the dining room cabinets, but otherwise this is home. The kitchen has already been reorganized 3 times. My clothes closet is in perfect Marie Kondo order.

Yesterday I looked in my (newly rediscovered) light-up makeup mirror and marveled at the light in my new bathroom. I positively sparkled! Then I realized it wasn’t my radiant self – it was strands of pure silver in my hair.

I haven’t had a hair cut or my blonde brows tinted in 4 months. My hair hasn’t been highlighted/lowlighted/coloured in twice as long. And my nails … I gave up on my fingers last month. There’s no point in paying for gel nails when your hands will be scrubbing and tearing open boxes. My toenails have the remnants of polish from the 4th of July, so sandals have been out of the question for 2 weeks.

Today I said ‘enough is enough’. Toes are being done as I write this. Salon appointment made. Hair color being contemplated.

It’s tough to take time out for ‘frivolous ‘ things on the weekend when your better half works nonstop. But he’s on the road, so why not?

Next frivolity … the sewing room. I’m rubbing my hands together in anticipation!


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