I’ve never been particularly good at sticking to routines; the only one I keep is being 6 to 10 minutes late for work, every day, and it doesn’t matter whether the commute is 5 minutes or an hour.

Since we moved I’ve struggled more than ever. I’ve missed sending birthday greetings, bill payments, volunteer assignments, and generally am flailing about.

I’ve got lots of excuses for things not getting done (the house is still not organized, the layout of the house, a brutally hot summer that made drinking sweet tea vodka more appealing than unpacking). But they all boil down to me, and my lack of routine/self-discipline.

One of the many things that I love about Marie Kondo’s methods are the end-of-day routines. For about 14 months I had developed the good habit of coming home from work, greeting the cats and the house, then going upstairs, changing out of my work clothes, and systematically emptying my purse. Paperwork, bills, mail, lunch dishes were all placed where they belonged. The routine itself helped me to focus on what absolutely had to be done that evening (email a birthday card, pay a bill, call someone). Before I went downstairs to make dinner, I’d pick out what I was going to wear to work the next day and organize shoes, jewellery, papers, etc. In essence, I followed the advice of organizing experts by ending the day with a routine that set me up for success.

So I’m back into that this week.

As I’ve said a hundred times, technology is the absolute freaking devil for me. I spend too much time looking at screens, so starting this Friday I’m going back to the technology sabbath (no internet from sunset Friday through to sunset Saturday) as outlined in the Sabbath Manifesto. G and I did this a couple of years ago for Lent and it was so … freeing! Internet usage isn’t an addiction for me, it’s being too lazy to do something productive. And I need some productivity! (Part of me squeals with glee when I imagine being able to sew on Friday night.)

This is a recurring theme for me, but I’m really going to dedicate the month of October to developing routines. There are three goals for the month: House organized, frequent sewing, eat right/lose weight.

I’d love to hear about routines others have set in place, or how people stick to their routines to meet their goals. Tips and experiences would be really helpful!

And here are a few totally random photos from our recent trip to Denver. What’s a blog post without a few pictures?


One thought on “Routines

  1. I’d lover to hear some tips too! I spend my working days getting up at the same time, doing the same thing and going to bed at the same time, and yes… deciding what I am going to wear tomorrow the night before! I’m happy my kids are grown – at least my husband and I can have time to talk, walk and bike on the weekend… that’s if he can pull me away from the sewing machine!!!! (Glad he has a workshop to enjoy!) Seriously, the only tip I have is my life … everything … is written on a large calendar on the fridge – even the bill payments. Everyone uses it. I look at it every morning and every night, all the time.

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