Thanksgiving has come and gone but there are still containers of leftovers in the fridge! I had four and a half glorious days off, the longest stretch of days off I’ve had since we moved into the house in August.

A few random things that I felt like jotting down …

Late Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, UPS left a box with a fresh pie at the door.  It was addressed to the previous owners.  All I know about their current whereabouts is that they are in Florida. I posted on Facebook asking friends, “eat or not eat?” and even the most pious said to eat! We ate it all up and the pie was yummy. Was that wrong? I did send a note to the pie company telling them how much we enjoyed it, and letting them know that I would order from them. In fact, I passed around the catalogue already. (If you’re interested, it was the Grand Traverse Pie Company  and the pie was the Apple Crumble.

When I was home in October I made a point of going to  Glamorgan Bakery for their world-famous, unmatched cheese buns. I spoke to the owner and asked if they could kindly share their cheese bun secrets. I told her some of my theories (I’ve been eating these since they were first at Stadium Bakery in about 1972) and she nodded her head to some things and added one or two others, then her son stepped in and told me the process. Then they both said with some alarm, “you don’t have a bakery, do you?!” Nope – just want my baking husband to save me the trouble of flying 2,000 miles for a $8 bag of buns! Below is his first attempt in the pan, awaiting about 2 hours of rising. Verdict?  Very good, but not enough cheese!



Once again this weekend I will turn my devices off when the sun goes down tonight (in about 90 minutes) and leave them off until at least Saturday evening. There is a second attempt at cheese buns to bake for a pot luck brunch tomorrow, some homemade Christmas gifts needed for the morning, and a vest to sew for my mom’s. Plus I ordered three different lots of fabric on Cyber Monday and the intention is for all to be used, not sit in the closet!

But tonight’s rush project is least a half-dozen kennel quilts for the Sevierville Humane Society for the four-pawed victims of that horrible wildfire. We spent a week in Gatlinburg in October of 2001 when the world seemed to be falling apart and I found it to be very peaceful and remote from the anger and cruelty of the world. Dolly Parton is donating $1,000 a month to impacted families. God bless her … what a generous lady and absolutely awesome thing to do. There are still a lot of good people in this world.


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