Another new year! It’s funny how just another Sunday has such power and significance. Truly, every day is a chance to change things, to reinforce behaviours, and to start anew. But since we’re here and we have that fresh new year to add to the date, may as well jump on in.

Like most people, I will have resolutions. Last week we went on a cruise and I intended to spend a lot of time contemplating and making plans. But I didn’t.  I read a couple of really trashy Christmas novels on my Kindle, sat on the beach and listened to the ocean, played Solitaire on my iPhone, and drank cocktails. Hey, it was a holiday, right? On the other hand, G read three books on goal setting and behaviour changing exercises. He wrote specific, measurable goals for the year. Can I be honest here? That’s really intimidating. I know that I need to be more goal oriented, but I’m feeling some pressure here so to be pretty deliberate. Maybe for the first time ever.

Today I sat down and made a list of things that I want to either incorporate into my life, or areas that I want to improve. I have not set SMART goals yet (specific measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), but I will in the next few days. Honestly, I just need some time to myself to really think about what is attainable and realistic. In the past I’ve set crazy goals and then of course they aren’t thought of after January 2nd.

  • Lose Weight (duh)
  • Improve Fitness
  • Focus on Mindfulness by meditating regularly
  • Make Home Organization and Care a priority
  • Sewing
  • Competency at Work
  • My Sewing Blog
  • This blog
  • Responsibilities with a volunteer organization
  • Socializing
  • Keep a regular schedule for home responsibilities like paying bills and tracking our finances
  • Stay in touch with my family
  • And I’ll add one thing to remove – time meandering aimlessly online

Not too daunting, right? By next weekend I’ll set real goals (promise). By this Tuesday I’ll set a fitness goal and will pass that along to my trainer.

They say that most resolutions are abandoned by Super Bowl Sunday, which is the first Sunday in February. I intend to be weird and keep going.

Here’s to 2017, may it be our best year ever!


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